Assault Foreigner Interview in Harajuku


Hello, everyone!
Welcome to TOPICS of the GLOBAL PRODUCE!

About three months have passed since GP moved to Harajuku.
For GP with the concept of “One Heart”, we always value the respect, appreciation and understanding of our customers.

It is the same feeling for Harajuku, the place of the GP office!
So, first of all we asked the people in Harajuku to know about the GP, so we held the “Harajuku Assault Interview!” Project.

Of course the target is foreigner!
Why? Because it is GLOBAL PRODUCE.

Interviewer is these two people!


They are “Nozomi Yamashita” known as Non-chan and “Yuki Murakami”, who has recently been a bit gloomy.
It is a dazzling fresh couple with Yamahshita with English persuasion and a bitter smile on the Murakami who can not speak English.
Wear a T-shirt with a hashtag with a Global Produce, and go to the town of Harajyuku!

It is these three questions to ask this time.

Our company name is GLOBAL PRODUCE.Can you guess what kind of job we do?

What is the most memorable event in your life?

What is your country’s event that you are proud of?
For me, the display of fireworks in summer, Tokyo Girls Collection(fashion show) and Fuji Rock(the biggest music Festival)

We took the advantage of its 1-minute walk to quickly to Harajyuku Station.
We discover the first Harajuku foreigners as we are walking!

Yamashita makes an assault and interview success by Murakami taking advantage of its physique and enclosing it!


Two old couples who came from Brazil.
I got an answer to the question right away


Yamashita “Our company name is GLOBAL PRODUCE. Can you guess what kind of job we do?”
Murakami “we do?”

Dandy old man wrote “Advertisement for GLOBAL PRODUCE”
Did you think it was a PR company or something? It is amazing not to be so far.
The most memorable event in my life is the classy answer: “Come to Japan!”
Your country’s event boast is “Football Tournament”! It is a place like Brazil.

Move the place to Takeshita-dori (Takeshita Street), and immediately discover the cool foreigners.
They were into ice cream but interviewed successfully!

Two lovey-covey people from Italy.
A sharp sense woman who almost says the GP as “ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY”. Men are still concerned about how soft cream melts.

The most memorable event is “Wedding”. The two are so passionate that the soft cream also melts.
Your country’s proud event is “Venetian Carnival”. It is a very famous event in Italy!
(Reference: Official WEB page)


Subsequently, it succeeded in the interview, a couple of good-looking guys from this United States and England.


He thought long and hard answering “Food Transport” to the question ” Our company name is GLOBAL PRODUCE. Can you guess what kind of job we do?”
It seems that he thought GP is an import company handling food.
Two people who like to travel, but it has been good Japan and Korea so far. I’m glad that Japan’s popularity continued.
A proud event answered by a man with nice sunglasses saying our proud event is “Remembrance Day”
In the UK, Canada, and Australia, we put a red flower on the chest,

and they said that people will receive “Remembrance Day (Remembrance Day)” on November 11. (Reference WEB page)

By the way, it was very charming when he took off my sunglasses.

The last is one and only Japanese. It is a blonde elder sister who just moved to Tokyo from Osaka.
I called out to Harajuku instinctively.


“GP = planning company” “memories = Tokyo” “brilliant event = Tenjin Festival” answered.


That cute smile is enough.
Thank you very much for your cooperation!

After that, we interviewed at Harajyuku as long as time allowed.

As a reflection of this time,
In response to the question, “Guess what kind of job do you think GLOBAL PRODUCE do?”
“Agriculture” “Food” “Transport”, etc.
There were a lot of people who answered that it was work of vegetables, food relation, import and export relation.

For the question “What is the most memorable event in your life?”
Most foreigners answered “Wedding”.
It was interesting to see the differences in culture.

For the question “What is your country’s event that you are proud of?”,
they often answered traditional events of the country.
Maybe patriotism is stronger than Japan. You know that the custom of celebrating the anniversary is taking root!

I will continue to work hard to get the people of Harajuku to know GP!
Thank you very much to everyone who participated this time.

If you do not know what GP is doing yet, please click here (^ ^)
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See you.