10 event recommended venues


Bring Happiness in the world through events!
We will deliver excitement around the world through the event!
It is a word that becomes the vision of the GP.

I want to experience an extraordinary day at an event
I want to make an event a memorable memory
I want to have an event in a unique place
In order to create an event that satisfies such customers, not only proper planning but also the selection of venues is a very important part.

This month, we have selected 10 venues recommended by GP Shimizu for the venue selection that will be absolutely troubled when you do an event.

In GLOBAL PRODUCE, we often plan from arranging the venue in addition to the stage, video, audio and lighting.
By all means, please refer to everyone!

Billboard LIVE TOKYO live venue in Roppongi
Live venue “billboard LIVE TOKYO” located on the 4th floor of Tokyo Midtown
How would you like to reserve a venue that usually has a live show?
High spec equipment used in live event,
in addition, a great night view comes to the stage back and new product announcements
you can make a suitable presentation as a fashion show and party venue!

See homepage: http://billboard-live.com/club/t_index.html

It is a hotel just created in Jingu recently!
The appearance is a modern image based on sum
You can choose from a variety of unique venues, such as the SORANIWA with a glass ceiling that allows plenty of sunshine, and the MORI venue created by pushing trees to the front.
As we put what we visited in TOPIC before, there is it by all means!

See homepage: https://trunk-hotel.com/

Zojoji Temple Outdoor, Shiba Park
Zojoji temple related to the Tokugawa family, which says that the generals of the Tokugawa family are buried six times.
Did you know that you can even hold events in such temples?
Carry Pamyu Pamyu had a live and it became a topic!
I would like to do projection mapping with Tokyo Tower in the background.

See homepage: https://www.zojoji.or.jp/

Hanayashiki Outdoor Asakusa
Different parties, anyway fun events! If you are here!
Let’s get a total of rent of Asakusa’s Hanayashiki.
As you can ride a variety of rides, stages and audio equipment are also available.
Ideal for events that you want to heat up outdoors!

See homepage: https://www.hanayashiki.net/

Hara Museum of Art
An art museum that combines modern and nature
Of course I usually display works of art and paintings!
However, it can also be reserved for events.
The appearance and interior based on silver have a color scheme reminiscent of contemporary art.
Not only that the hall is beautiful, but also the courtyard seen from the inside is green and makes you feel restless.

See homepage: http://www.haramuseum.or.jp/

Pacific-Venus luxury cruise ship
Next is the luxury cruise ship “Pacific Venus”
Charter is available from 2 days a night.
A luxurious venue for high-class cuisine.
The deck also includes sports, swimming pools, jacuzzis, casino games and karaoke rooms.
I think you can enjoy any usage.

See homepage: http://www.venus-cruise.co.jp/

Amimachi Mitsui Club Hall, Outdoor, Minato-ku Mita
Amimachi Mitsui Club, which will be the hosting facility of Mitsui Group
A large garden colored with the colors of each season. A state-of-the-art Renaissance style architecture
It will produce a wonderful time.
There is a large dining room, a hall, a bar, a wedding, a music room in the main building and annex
besides meals, meetings, seminars, lectures, exhibitions, presentations, etc.
you can use the facilities according to the scene.

See homepage: http://tsunamachimitsuiclub.co.jp/

It is the Ritz Carlton, which is known for its height of hospitality.
Tokyo Midtown 45F is the best location directly connected to Roppongi Subway Station.
There are also dinner courses to enjoy in the dining room and parties to the ballroom.
You can spend colorful time.
There is also a terrace in the ball room that can accommodate 400 people, and you can also spend a moderate time while hitting the night wind!
I think that there is no doubt that there is a good quality, comfortable space at the Ritz Carlton.

See homepage: http://www.ritz-carlton.jp/

ACT square Restaurant / Ebisu
Large wall screen monitor installed in circular hole
360 ° screen multipurpose hall
The decoration is lit up at night to the western appearance
How about by all means at a colorful party, a meal party?

See homepage: https://www.actsquare.com/

The last is the third floor of GLOBAL PRODUCE OFFICE!
Complete with sound, screen and projector, it can be used for various applications such as meetings and seminars.
Please call if you want to use!

If you look up, fashionable and interesting venues are something that is surprising.
It would be nice if you could find the venue that was in the event you want to carry out!

As mentioned above, it was 10 event venues recommended.