• Steve Jobs’s Super Workability Reading Impression vol.3

Steve Jobs’s Super Workability Reading Impression vol.3


Nice to meet you! This is Hatta and it is the first time to write on TOPICS!
Already six months have passed since I joined the company …

I would like to introduce one book I read before!

“CHO SHIGOTO RYOKU”- Steve Jobs’s Super Workability-

written by Kazumasa Takeuchi

「超仕事力 スティーブ」の画像検索結果

Steve Jobs was one of the co-founders of Apple, not to mention.
By the way, the Japanese market share of the iPhone is about 70%!

I’m surprised …

Now, we have been using smartphones so that we cannot live without smartphones.
It can be said that because there was Jobs who developed groundbreaking electronic devices such as the iPhone.

Steve Jobs’s work skills have made such a remarkable achievement.
If you learn and practice his super work skills, you will be able to improve your everyday work at once!


“No no! He ’s too amazing! It ’s impossible to practice his super work!”

Normally people think like that!
I also thought, “What kind of superhuman work skills are there” until I read the book.
But, surprisingly, most of them were “basic and simple” and “What I also can do “.

Moreover, this book, Jobs’s work technique is classified into 73 techniques, and each is written on about 2 pages.
In other words, it is extremely easy to read! You can even read only the part you are interested in looking by the table of contents.

This time, I will tell you about some of Jobs’ work skills!

① Learn = imitate  Imitation destination = master

The people you respect or the greats in the book.

By learning from that person and imitating you, you can get closer to “that person you yearn for.”
The etymology of learning is said to come from “learning”, that is, “Imitation”.

Skills will grow as you continue to imitate the people you respect.
And one day, you can overtake the original person.

However, this does not mean that you copy everything.

Jobs also said:

“This world is full of ideas. It may be a little easier to imitate, but it does n’t improve the world.”

Add your original to the imitation. Always keep thinking with your own head.

It is important to hone your longing and improve your own creativity.

② Always think “WHY” with your own head

By repeating the “why?” That comes to mind, you can see the essence of things.

Let’s repeat “why?” For one thing.

For example, the layout of advertisements and magazines you see in the city.
There is packed with the soul of designers and copywriters. “Why are these letters so big?” “Why did they use this photo?”
And think, “Why?” more deeply.
By doing so, the stock and knowledge of the ideas in me will accumulate.

These pieces of knowledge are useful when working as an event producer!

③ The deep part can be seen by becoming insistent

To put it simply, it means “get into”.

Have you ever forget your time or became so obsessed and couldn’t hear the voices around you?
The power of that time or the desire for knowledge are tremendously strong.
By using this “obsessed” power for work, you will gain insight and be able to get a step closer to the goal.

Steve Jobs also left this famous quote.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.”

Love your own job with obsessed like not be able to see the surroundings.
That’s one of the founders of Apple!!

I will continue to work with such intense enthusiasm!