The future of the event


Write something about “the future of GLOBAL PRODUCE”.
CEO Kouhata said to me.

I, Kawamoto who a newcomer for GP would like to write it with my own thoughts.

When thinking about the future of GLOBAL PRODUCE,

there are two aspects:

“the future of the company”

and “the future of the event industry.”

As long as there is no major company change in policy, our company will continue to make the event business into the future, that is, the theme of thinking about “future events”.

In other words, the development of the company and the industry is inseparable, and it can be said that it is a lifelong life for the company.

What is “future event”?

I’m just standing in front of this magnificent theme, but I’m going to work on it, including organizing my mind.

The events that GLOBAL PRODUCE demonstrates its strengths are so-called “events with aim and place” such as ceremonies, commendations, exhibitions, and conventions, which are said to be MICE.

Although the client issues are different, most of the unilateral communication is to send a message from the organizer that is the sender to a specific target, and the idea of planning is suitable for HOW TO SAY.

It is the work of assembling the three basic pieces that make up the “place” of the stage, performer, and audience like a puzzle.

The aim is of course to fight the theme of strong and efficient delivery of the organizer’s message, but this basic structure had hardly changed since 30 years ago when I jumped into the industry.

On another 30-year scale, if we look elsewhere, the 5G communication speed in 2020 is 10,000 times than 1G.

The style that has been going on for a long time for 30 years …
It can call already an area of “culture.”

We think about the future of the event for 30 years from now and need to output it.

“Does not change” And “To be changed.”

“DISRUPTION! “is a strategic approach proposed by TBWA in 1992.

It means “creating a creative method for boldly imagining what will happen in the future and drawing the future.”

This “DISRUPTION ! “when thinking about future events! I believe that the products that actively adopts the concept of, and brings about change with the future orientation have power.

We believe that next-generation technologies and innovations such as 5G, AI, and IoT are highly compatible with events.

Broadcasting footage from all over the world with low-latency LIVE at all angles.

Reduce the waiting time to 1/3 with facial expression authentication

The sensor devices worn by visitors for one year will be collected and used for production.

The video and lighting effects change effectively depending on the pulse and brain waves of the visitors.

The basic structure of the event itself may not need to change significantly, but it would be great if GLOBAL PRODUCE pulled the events as a group that makes events more effective and more impactful by simply way.