Venue Features

Surrounded by trees in the heart of the city, the shrine is filled with tranquility and serenity. The shrine's precincts and main hall can be reserved to attend Shinto rituals, and a standing/seated party can be arranged in the adjacent Nogi Kaikan.

Main Banquet Specifications

Name of Banquet Hall


Incorporating Japanese taste with Art Deco, the venue expresses the modernism of the Meiji and Taisho periods. The venue was tailored to assert an original world view, designed by Yohei Taneda, a world-renowned art director representing contemporary Japan. This banquet hall expresses the Heisei Era where the Japanese spirit fused with strong influences from the west.

  • Hall Size

    231 m²

  • Ceiling height


  • Capacity

    Cocktail: 180 people / Classroom: 120 people / Seated: 130 people

  • Address

    8-11-27, Akasaka, Minatoku, Tokyo

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