This sheet is designed to enhance the quality of GP’s future productions.
We will not only review it with your project manager assigned to the event, but also with the GP management team,
and the entire company will work as one to improve our services continuously for your future events.
We understand this will take up a bit of your time, but would sincerely appreciate your kind input.
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for consulting with our company.

GLOBAL PRODUCEPresident and CEO, Masaki Kouhata

    What were the deciding factors in choosing GP for your project?

    Would you recommend GP when asked to introduce an event company to another company?

    Do not agree

    Strongly agree

    What were the positive or negative aspects during the planning phase?

    What were the positive or negative aspects during production or during the event, as well as any other points found that you feel require improvement.

    We would also appreciate any requests or messages of support for us to improve our services!