Global Produce is an experience-focused agency that is obsessed with how people feel about your business, so you can do what you do best. Our services include place strategy, idea creation and development, experiential activation, partnering&procurement, and measurement of results.
We put our team of planners and thinkers to work for you.
We have network partners located in the region and globally. We are dedicated to providing each client with the highest quality services available; from the initial consultation to the final meeting, everything is noted and compiled into an insightful proposal brochure before the event is executed. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and go beyond the norm.


Outbound EventFor Domestic Companies

Global-Produce specializes in event management services that deliver only the best when it comes to international conferences, global trade shows, and other events abroad. With more than a decade of combined industry experience, our team is dedicated to make your events a success with our international, knowledgeable team with vast networks of partners and resources around the world.

Inbound EventFor Overseas Companies

Japan is a destination where both business and pleasure can meld together. From the high-rise cities and the bustling streets of Tokyo, to the ancien shrines of Kyoto, and beyond – Japan is full of surprises. Featuring breath-taking locations, rich history and sumptuous cuisine, Japan is the perfect place for events. Allow our experienced team to help you plan customised events that will leave your guests feeling inspired for years to come.


1.Understanding your Objectives

We will first listen and clearly understand your objectives to implement the best approach for your events. Laying a strong foundation with pre planning to offer effective solution to fulfill your vision and within budget.

Please let us know your (5W2H) for the event.

  • Who(Target)

    We will plan according to the number of participants,
    conditions, the gender ratio, age, and attributes, etc.

  • What(Contents)

    Please tell us the implementation details and issues.

  • When(Date and time)

    Please tell us the time of production and the
    preparation period.
    We will consider a realistic plan by setting a final goal
    and deadline.

  • Where(place)

    We will offer suggestions for the best venue, like hotels, event venues, outdoors, etc.

  • Why(the purpose)

    Please tell us the expected effects of the implementation.
    Setting a goal clears your sense of purpose.

  • How(means)

    Please let us know if you have preconditions or constraints in the implementation.

  • How

    Please let us know if you have a budget expectation or upper limit budget in advance.


Please let us know if you have any concerns in order to have a better plan
There are essential planning tips in vague anxiety.

2.Proposal implementation

We at Global Produce value reliability, accuracy and speed.A detailed plan and proposal will be presented to you to visualize and a bird eye view of how your event will be realized.
The proposal will include

The brochure will include:

Plan Briefing Implementation summary / Venue details etc.
Concept Concept / Event Theme etc.
Highlights Memorable Touchpoints etc.
Event Management Team Organizer / Global Produce / External Collaboration etc.
Venue Staging / Space Planning etc.
Media Videography / Photography etc.
Hospitality Plan Reception / Hosting / Service / Foods and Beverage etc.
Performing Guests MC / Artists / Models etc.
Production Schedule Scheduling / Budgeting / All Event Documentation etc.

Past proposal cases

  • Award event

    award method / top award method / party direction

  • Sports event

    Competition plan / Opening ceremony / Closing ceremony

  • A showcase of new products

    Expressing the world view of products / Presentation method

  • Anniversary ceremony

    history VTR / representative presentation method


Sometimes, unconventional events are necessary.
The more challenging the planning and organizing, the more amazing and impactful the event turns out.

3.Client Review

Communicating between stakeholders and our clients. We ensure that requirements are fulfilled and if required through regular internal presentation.


4.Progress Report and Detailed planning

We will progressively report and share our implementation updates with you with regular presentations and meeting. To ensure that we have a comprehensive and detailed execution plan before the production of the event.


  • 1. External partner coordination

    Sounds and lightings / Visual equipment / Stage work decoration / Performers etc

  • 2. Production schedule management

    Both tasks and role arrangement / Setting of regular MTG /
    Deadline sharing

  • 3. Operation Manual

    Implementation outline / System / Stage preparation and rehearsal schedule / Design /
    Operation plan / equipment list

  • 4. Event script

    Stage production plans / MC comments / Image development etc

  • 5. Various application documents

    Fire department / Police station / Health center notification

  • 6. OTHERS

    Image Conte / souvenir design / printed matter /
    Awards / staff movement chart etc


Sometimes, unconventional events are necessary.
The more challenging the planning and organizing, the more amazing and impactful the event turns out.

5.Pre invitation

Our specialised promotion team will prepare invitational material whether digital or print to reach out to your targeted audience. Attendees will be notified and well informed of your upcoming event.

6.Event Day

Our experience in the field allows us to adapt to sudden changes on site and ensure that the management of your event is of the best quality. Putting forth the best on site team and specialists that will leave an indelible impression for you and your clients.
An event photography and filming team will be deployed to document this unique moments.

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