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About GP

Global Produce, the place to be for all your brand experience needs, combines creativity and innovation to bring you exciting live and hybrid brand engagement events.
Our expertise lies in customizing the perfect event for you. We take your objectives and deliver an optimal plan that will help implement your vision. Together, we create experiences that move people to share ideas and change public perception, allowing our clients to inspire new consumer trends, build their brands and achieve broader business growth.
Ultimately creating emotional experiences relevant to the Japan and Global audiences.

We are a team of diverse professionals with many years of experience in organizing conferences and business events. The first impression that you leave on others is very important, so we will link the goals of a conference or business event with the overall strategy of your company. Our services are tailored to the needs and expectations of our clients, because our mission is to organize personalized events that clearly reflect your corporate identity and values. Ultimately, creating emotional experiences relevant to the Japan and Global audiences.

  • Company name


  • Established

    October 11, 2011

  • Representative

    • CEO, Creative Director
      : Masaki Kouhata

    • Corporate Officer, Executive Producer
      : Akihito Yano

    • CFO, General Manager
      : Kiyohisa Obata

    • CPO, Executive Planner
      : Tatsuto Kawamoto

    • Event Division Chief Producer
      : Kouji Tomura

    • Chief Producer, Chief of LC Division, Chief of Kansai Area Development
      : Hirotaka Fujiwara

    • Event Producer, Technical Chief
      : Natsuro Okutani

    • Corporate Officer, CMO, Executive Producer
      : Mayo Miyanaga

    • CSO, Sales Chief Manager
      : Naoki Motoki

  • Address

    1-15-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001, Japan

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  • Main Customer

    Government, Embassies, International Organizations, Public Corporations, Pu0blic Organizations Companies (Pharmaceuticals, Automobiles, Finance, Media, Advertising Agency, International Corporations)

  • Correspondent Bank

    Mizuho Bank Kitazawa Branch

  • Business Content

    1. 1. World-wide event production business
    2. 2. Various overseas content distribution
    3. 3. Corporate event production, corporate activation
    4. 4. Planning and operation of various events and seminars
    5. 5. All business incidental to the previous items
  • Member Organization

    Nippon Keidanren Federation
    Japan Event Produce Association
    Japan Convention Business Association

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