• A Sauna in Ginza!? A New Complex Facility is Born on Corridor Street!

A Sauna in Ginza!? A New Complex Facility is Born on Corridor Street!


Hello everyone, it’s Kumaki from GP.

Today, I’m introducing the newly opened “Granbell Square”, located in Ginza Corridor Street, and created in the autumn of 2023. While Corridor Street is known as a drinking alley where Shinbashi salarymen gather, Granbell Square was made to attract young people! It’s quite unexpected.

What’s Inside Granbell Square?

What do you think is inside Granbell Square? Hotels and restaurants, perhaps, since it’s opened in Ginza? Well, an answer like that wouldn’t be wrong! But in addition to those, they’ve even added saunas and a nightclub! There’s even a live house. Granbell Square is the very picture of a “complex facility.”

Spa & Sauna “Corridor no Yu”

Source: Taken from the official website

The name “Corridor no Yu” is oddly cute. At any rate, it’s open from 11 AM to 9 AM the following day. It’s not just a sauna; they also have resting areas, dining options, and even massages available. They offer cold beer and meals for sauna enthusiasts! It’s a new spot in the heart of the city where you can definitely take some time to unwind.

Having a beer after experiencing the sauna is true bliss. 

Singaporean Nightclub “Zouk Tokyo”

The Zouk Group, pioneers in introducing house music to Singapore’s nightlife, has expanded to Singapore, Malaysia, and Las Vegas, and by now they’ve even made their debut in Tokyo! The nightclub is equipped with the top-notch sound system “void” and a lighting system called “Mothership”, crafted by the Barcelona team, which was installed at the price of 200 million yen… Wow.


Granbell Square doesn’t just have a nightclub, it also has a live house too! BASE GRANBELL, located on the 2nd and 3rd basement floors, exudes a spacious atmosphere with a three-layered atrium. They held a special live performance featuring Ryosuke Miura on the opening day, and I can’t wait to see what other artists will perform in Ginza’s area!

Restaurants that Caught My Eye

While there may be saunas, nightclubs, and live houses, personally, I’m most curious about the food. Let’s check out the restaurants!


A steakhouse on the 10th floor of Granbell Square.

The beginning of steakhouses dates back to 19th century America. At that time, steakhouses were where elites and celebrities gathered for business and socializing… KIYO GINZA has recreated that tradition and atmosphere in Ginza’s sophisticated streets. They recreate recipes and cooking methods from the 19th century, while using high-quality modern ingredients. Furthermore, they have a staggering 300 types of wine, mainly focusing on natural wine!

Rooftop Bar piro

Open only on Fridays and Saturdays, and not until 11 PM, this rooftop bar allows adults to enjoy music, whiskey, and cigars against the backdrop of Ginza and Tokyo’s night skies. It’s a space where you can indulge in weekend luxuries.


How was it? Granbell Square, newly opened in the heart of Tokyo, Ginza. You can relax in a sauna after work, enjoy music at clubs or live houses, dine at restaurants, and even stay overnight! Experience an elegant moment at the new adult playground in the center of Ginza! And don’t take your eyes off Ginza, with the opening of Edition Hotel in Toranomon. I’ll make sure to keep you updated with new information!