• Hoshino Resorts Has a Collaboration with a Gen Z Group?! What Is the “Oshi-Katsu Room”?!

Hoshino Resorts Has a Collaboration with a Gen Z Group?! What Is the “Oshi-Katsu Room”?!


Photo: Taken from the press release

Hello everyone! This is Miyanaga from GP.

Recently, more people are boldly claiming that “oshi-katsu” (supporting your favorite idols or characters) is the true entertainment of life! In line with this trend, an area themed around “oshi-katsu” has appeared at the famous Hoshino Resorts BEB (BEB). What’s more, this project is a collaboration with a Gen Z group. So, what exactly is this unique new accommodation experience they are offering?

An unexpected collaboration between Hoshino Resorts and a Gen Z startup

Photo: Taken from the press release

Hoshino Resorts, known for providing enjoyable vacations with a wide range of accommodations—from luxury to casual, suiting various purposes—launched a new initiative that started in April. This initiative is a collaboration between the Gen Z startup “Oshi Meter Inc.” and Hoshino Resorts’ BEB. What these two completely different companies have co-produced is a unique, new accommodation experience called the “Oshi-Katsu Room”.

The words “Oshi-Katsu Room” are surprising, right? 

Now then, I’ll go ahead and introduce the concept behind the Oshi-Katsu Room.

The Birth of the Oshi-Katsu Room at BEB5 Karuizawa

No plan necessary!? What exactly is the Oshi-Katsu Room?

Experience powerful “oshi-katsu” (supporting your favorite idols or characters) with a large screen from a projector, featuring high resolution and high-quality sound
Photo: Taken from the press release

The idea behind the Oshi-Katsu Room is that no plan is necessary!? Here, you can enjoy some time with your oshi-katsu buddies however and whenever you like. The room is available at BEB5 Karuizawa.

This space is specifically designed for oshi-katsu, not to be confused with the regular guest rooms. It has various amenities designed to enhance your oshi-katsu experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself with friends who share the same interests.

The celebration cake  you can decorate in your favorite oshi’s colors is adorable!
Photo: Taken from the press release

For example, you could enjoy an immersive visual experience with a high-resolution, high-quality Epson projector large screen installed in the room. Furthermore, the room includes classic oshi-katsu items like penlights from ZoruHara Inc. This means you can enjoy top-grade oshi-katsu without even needing to bring anything with you. Isn’t that amazing? 

Moreover, you can create a celebration cake for your idol/favorite character with your friends, and enjoy various memorable experiences like oshi-katsu themed conversation gacha. If you’re interested, please feel free to check out the details of the Oshi-Katsu Room below.

Overview of the Oshi-Katsu Room
– Period: From April 27, 2024, throughout the year
– Time: Check-in from 3:00 PM, check-out by 11:00 AM
– Location: Hoshino Resorts BEB5 Karuizawa
– Reservations: Accepted via the official website up to 4 days in advance
– Eligibility: For guests only
– Capacity: 1 group per day, up to 9 people
– Fee: 5,000 yen (tax included), celebration cake set 3,500 yen (tax included)
– Included: Oshi-Katsu Room, rental items like penlights and projector, oshi-katsu gacha
For reservations and more details, please visit the official website.

About Hoshino Resorts BEB5 Karuizawa

More than an izakaya, less than a trip—a hotel to casually spend time with others. Operated by Hoshino Resorts, BEB5 Karuizawa
Photo: Taken from the press release

In case you haven’t heard, BEB5 Karuizawa is operated by Hoshino Resorts.

The hotel where the Oshi-Katsu Room is being introduced, BEB5 Karuizawa, is designed for the younger generation, with the idea of being more than an izakaya, and less than a trip—a hotel where you can just casually spend time with others. 

The main feature is the 24-hour accessible public space “TAMARIBA”, where guests can enjoy shopping, hot springs, and dining spots within walking distance.

One of the greatest attractions of “BEB5 Karuizawa” is its excellent accessibility. It’s just a quick trip by train or car from Tokyo to Karuizawa, making it an exciting weekend getaway to enjoy high-quality oshi-katsu with friends.

The background and purpose of the joint production

There is a particular reason behind the creation of the Oshi-Katsu Room. But before explaining that reason, it would be helpful to introduce the Gen Z startup, “Oshi Meter Inc.”.

What is the Gen Z startup “Oshi Meter Inc.”?

Starting from the left: COO (Chief Operating Officer) Takumi Tsuchiya, CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Shokazu Fukushima, CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) Hiroto Higuchi
Photo: Taken from the press release

You’ve probably been curious about “Oshi Meter Inc.”, which has been mentioned several times. This company, with the vision of moving hearts across the world with the power of idols/favorite characters, develops and supports services that propose new forms of oshi-katsu. Simply put, it’s a startup company launched by members of the Gen Z generation.

Their notable projects include developing the “Oshi-Map” app, where oshi-katsu enthusiasts around the world can share and learn about oshi-katsu experiences. They also have a focus on V-Tubers, attracting significant attention from various groups. 

Three highlights of Oshi-Map
Photo: Taken from the press release

Hoshino Resorts found a perfect partner in Oshi Meter Inc., since BEB’s desire to offer a new lodging experience for the younger generation aligned with the Oshi-Map’s concept of sharing oshi-katsu experiences. This shared vision led to the co-production of the Oshi-Katsu Room, creating a new experience tailored for the younger generation.

Incidentally, by posting your experiences in the Oshi-Katsu Room on the Oshi-Map app, you can share the appeal of this new experience with many other oshi-katsu users, making it a win-win situation for everyone. This kind of novel collaboration between a major hotel chain and oshi-katsu is truly a product of the modern era.

Wouldn’t you want to visit a place where you can worship your idol/favorite character on a large screen in a personalized setting, and bond with friends over shared interests? The Oshi-Katsu Room offers the ultimate oshi-katsu experience without the need to prepare any equipment. Who will you choose to support in the Oshi-Katsu Room? Well then, until next time.