• What is a launch party? PR events and strategies to success

What is a launch party? PR events and strategies to success


A launch party is a crucial event celebrating the release of a new product or the announcement of a service. As a launch party is also a type of PR event, thorough planning is essential for its organization and success. This article broadly explains everything from the purpose of holding a launch party to the key points and examples for making it successful.

What is a launch party?

First of all, what exactly is a launch party? Who is it for, and when is it held? Simply put, a launch party is a PR event that combines a new product launch with a party. The key point is that it’s not just a product launch followed by a social gathering; they are integrated into one event. Let’s start by revisiting the basic knowledge of launch parties.

Who is the target audience for a launch party?

A launch party, being a type of PR event, is typically targeted at investors, key customers, marketing professionals, and the media. However, whether it is an exclusive, closed event for important customers or a large-scale event involving media and influencers, depends on the strategy of the organizing company.

The ideal timing for hosting a launch party.

A launch party, being a type of new product announcement event, is held when the product is complete and ready to be showcased to the public. Especially when the purpose is broad PR, many parties are organized in such a way that as soon as attendees at the venue or viewers of the launch party footage feel the desire to purchase the product, they can do so immediately, with sales mechanisms already in place.

What is the difference between a release event and a launch party?

A “Launch party” and a “release event” are often used interchangeably. In business terminology, both “launch” and “release” are used to mean the public unveiling or announcement of information, or the start of product sales.

The distinction between these two terms lies in the “subject matter” they address. Launch events are typically used for tangible items like products, while release events are often used for intangible items like information or new songs. Additionally, while a launch is typically timed to smoothly transition to sales, a release can refer to an earlier stage of public information disclosure.

The purpose of hosting a launch party

So, why do companies hold launch parties? It’s easy to say it’s for PR, but then, why not just have a regular product launch event? Let’s delve a bit deeper into the significance of choosing to hold a launch party.

Improving customer engagement with royal customers

In hosting a launch party, a key group not to be overlooked is the royal customers (important regulars). By inviting royal customers to the launch party and providing them with the opportunity to access the product before it’s available for general sale, you can expect to enhance their customer engagement.

Maximizing advertising impact through the use of influencers

Following royal customers, influencers have become indispensable for promotion. By inviting influencers to a launch party and letting them experience the product firsthand, then sharing their impressions, product awareness can skyrocket. Inviting influencers to the special setting of a launch party can also heighten their interest in the product, thereby amplifying its promotional impact.

The dramatic effect of creating a “special occasion” with a party

A launch party is an event that carries a strong sense of exclusivity among various PR and new product announcements. Not only does it typically involve a smaller, more select group of invitees, but it also allows for networking and dining, providing attendees with experiences and information beyond just a product announcement. This enhances engagement and can lead to more favorable responses towards the product and the company.

Key points for a successful launch party

When planning a launch party, what key points should you consider? A launch party, being an event intertwined with various elements like PR and engagement enhancement, has several critical points to ensure success. Let’s look at the key points for making a launch party successful.

1. Clearly define the purpose

The purpose of a launch party greatly influences the demographics of the invitees and the content of the event. You could opt for a closed event to allow valued customers to comfortably choose new products, or aim for PR impact by gathering influencers and media that are well-matched with the new product. Therefore, having a clear purpose is crucial, as vague event objectives can lead to ineffective outcomes. It’s important to meticulously consider the desired results from the launch party and plan the event accordingly.

2. Clearly define the target audience.

Just like the purpose, the target audience is equally important. In this context, the target refers to both “people who are invited to the launch party” and “people who you want to show the coverage of the event or the reactions of the participants.” For instance, if the product is a luxury item or intended for a limited audience, your target might be valued customers likely to make a purchase on the spot. Conversely, for products like alcoholic beverages or cosmetics, which have a broader target demographic, those who may not attend the party but could become interested after seeing its coverage are your target. Since it’s a PR event, it’s crucial to be clear about “who you ultimately want to reach” as your target audience.

3. Prepare captivating content and venue.

When deliberately hosting a launch party instead of a regular product announcement event, it’s essential to include party-specific elements. This is because a launch party is not just about “introducing the product” but also about “ensuring that attendees enjoy the party itself, ultimately generating interest in the product.”

The essence of a successful launch party lies in creating a stage that highlights the new product being presented.

For example, in a launch party for alcohol, you might provide cuisine that pairs well with the new drink, while for a cosmetics launch party, you could focus on venue decorations and signature cocktails inspired by the cosmetics theme. By paying attention to showcasing the product in a way that can only be done at a party, the new product becomes even more attractive and leads to potential purchases.

Examples of launch parties

Now, let’s specifically explore the types of launch parties and examine some examples.

DieslOn×Steve Aoki

This was the launch event for the touchscreen smartwatch released by DIESEL in 2018. They invited Steve Aoki, who was the face of the smartwatch’s advertising campaign, and created a party that blended music and technology, showcasing the brand’s unique personality.

Inside The Kylie Cosmetics Launch Party

This was the launch party for a new cosmetics product from the American cosmetics brand Kylie Cosmetics. The venue was themed in the brand’s signature color, pink, and attracted influential influencers and models from the fashion industry in the United States. Attendees enjoyed food and drinks inspired by cosmetics and participated in games. Additionally, in true launch party fashion, participants received a generous amount of cosmetics as gifts.

Adidas Originals SUPERSTAR 2020 LAUNCH PARTY

This was a launch party held in Tokyo as part of adidas’ campaign “CHANGE IS A TEAM SPORT – Connect Your Intentions” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of their iconic product, the “SUPERSTAR.” The event included exhibitions of the earliest models of the SUPERSTAR and valuable collaboration models, as well as talk shows with various guests. With the brand’s signature colors and a strong atmosphere, this launch party made a bold statement.


A launch party is a PR event that combines the appeal of a new product with the special atmosphere of a party. By defining clear objectives and targets, it can bring various benefits, including product promotion, brand image enhancement, increased customer engagement, and promotional effects through influencers. It might be worth considering as a way to showcase and promote a new product.