• “Yokohama Debut! Music Arena ‘K Arena’ is Perfect for Corporate Events!”

“Yokohama Debut! Music Arena ‘K Arena’ is Perfect for Corporate Events!”


“Hello to all our readers of the GP Journal, I’m Gate Walk, representing GP. Today, I’m excited to introduce you to the K Arena, the world’s largest music arena located in Yokohama Minato Mirai.”

“The K Arena Yokohama is perfect for conventions!”

The K-Arena, located in the international city of Yokohama Minato Mirai, is the world’s largest music arena. With the concept of “THE ARENA FOR MUSIC LOVER – Providing the best stage for artists and the finest memories for the audience,” it offers an unprecedented music experience that envelops both the expressions of artists and the emotions of the audience to the fullest extent, becoming a central facility for cultural activities and entertainment in the region.

Spanning an area of ​​54,090 square meters with a maximum seating capacity of 20,033 seats, the K-Arena is designed to provide flexible seating, high-quality state-of-the-art acoustics, and diverse productions. One of the major highlights of this facility is its ability to specialize in large-scale conventions, offering layouts and productions tailored for such events. The music arena, with its easily visible stage and acoustics reaching every corner of the venue, is exceptionally suited for large-scale conventions. Its compatibility with large conventions makes it highly convenient as a venue for corporate events, leading to an anticipated increase in its popularity as an event venue.

Features of K Arena Yokohama

The K-Arena boasts the following features.

“All seats face the stage.”

All seats are arranged in a fan shape facing directly towards the stage, allowing the audience to experience the artists’ performances head-on.

“Entirely to the ‘eardrums’.”

High-class speakers are installed throughout the venue to deliver high-quality and powerful sound to every seat. The immersive sound will envelop you completely.

“The utmost comfort throughout.”

We have introduced luxurious fabric seats in all sections. The comfortable seating, suitable for extended periods, enhances immersion in the music.

GP takes on its first convention

Actually, in 2023, it was our company, GLOBAL PRODUCE, that took on the first convention at K-Arena Yokohama (refer to the opening video). Based on this successful event, we will provide high-resolution production and planning services. When considering hosting events at K-Arena Yokohama, please do not hesitate to contact GLOBAL PRODUCE. We also offer venue tours, so please feel free to inquire about them as well.