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  • A Royal Experience! Unveiling a New Product With Cordial Hospitality and Novel Performances.

A Royal Experience! Unveiling a New Product With Cordial Hospitality and Novel Performances.

What was the purpose of the event?

This event was for the product launch for the new intraoral scanner “iTero Lumina”. iTero Lumina adopts the latest technology, providing high performance as an intraoral scanner while also improving the methods and efficiency of dentists and dental hygienists. This product aims to revolutionize the entire dental industry.

Rather than being a simple product launch, the overall goal was to convey the message that by using this new product it will make things more convenient and comfortable. We wanted participants to enjoy the event and take pride in doing business with our company.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been difficult to hold networking events among dentists. Therefore, another purpose of this event was to create a space for such interactions.

What prompted you to request GP?

When we were looking for an event company, a former colleague introduced us to GP, and our first impression was that their website was very intriguing. After that, we held a competition, and the innovative yet realistic designs and ideas that GP proposed ultimately became the deciding factor.

What was the most important point you focused on when planning the project?

Having been involved in event planning and marketing, I actually have a lot of experience myself. Therefore, many of the ideas I heard from multiple sources were still within my expectations.

For this reason, I had high expectations for GP, hoping that they would provide ideas for structures and designs that exceeded my imagination. I also wanted them to focus on implementation, instead of just proposing theoretical ideas. GP offered a wealth of ideas from art to stage structure, sound, lighting, and other production aspects, and they proposed feasible concepts that took economic factors into account. Additionally, whenever I had a question, they provided multiple answers, giving us plenty of information necessary to consider.

What was challenging about implementing the event?

There was a vague anxiety about elements we couldn’t predict until the actual day, such as gathering attendees; regardless, the overall excitement outweighed the worries. It’s crucial to involve participants in the excitement of the organizers.

We probably did not have enough preparation time, and there were also moments where we were pressed for time and had to make snap judgments. However, it was great that we could earnestly exchange opinions and ideas with each other to create a better event.

What was impressive about GP?

GP took the time to thoroughly understand our intentions when we provided abstract opinions. When we shared ideas that were yet to be fully formed, they came back within a few days with solid proposals. Not only did they have a wide range of solutions for our questions and requests, but they also showed impressive adaptability and quick thinking in their work. Their branding and social media front matched with what they actually delivered.

How were the reactions of the participants?

We received feedback noting that the event was “better than expected”. Our salespeople felt proud to be part of a company that hosted such wonderful events, and our customers felt proud to do business with such a company as well.

Additionally, we had a segment where a dentist spoke as a guest speaker, with a special presentation to promote their individuality. This resulted in satisfaction not only from the speaking dentist, but also from their patients and colleagues.

Another memorable reaction pertained to the food; many participants commented on how delicious it was. It’s rare to have tasty food at a large event, so this was particularly gratifying, as we paid special attention to the catering.

Did you achieve the event’s goals?

We achieved most of our goals. Although there was a smaller turnout due to the weather, participants sensed our branding and loyalty, and the feedback was positive. The next step is to see how well the new product sells!

How do you want to develop this event in the future?

The desire to make purchases stems from emotions and from the right side of the brain. Customers won’t act unless their hearts are moved, so we focus on positively influencing people’s hearts. In future events, we want to return to the basics. In other words, we want to focus on how we can move the hearts of others, rather than focusing on the technology utilized.

Helping our participants smile is essential. We aim to continue refining the things that make people happy.

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February 25, 2024