Venue Features

AQUARIUM×ART átoa is an exclusive space where living creatures and art interweave, allowing you to enjoy elegant moments. The facility, consisting of eight zones, features symbolic aquariums themed around caves, forests, space, and more, with sensory elements such as sound, light, and fragrance stimulating your five senses. In this fantastical space resembling scenes from movies or theater productions, you can delight in encounters with approximately 100 species and 3,000 diverse living creatures.

Main Banquet Specifications

Name of Banquet Hall


You can fully enjoy a special space consisting of eight themes. For example, on the 4th floor at 'SKYSHORE,' you can enjoy a panoramic view of Kobe's night scenery and even arrange catering. In addition, it can be used for various purposes, such as corporate welfare, anniversary events, and parties for various groups.

  • Hall Size

    aprox. 5,600㎡

  • Ceiling height

    2F: 3m / 3F: 4m

  • Capacity

    aprox. 800 people (subject to change depending on purpose)

  • Address

    7-2, Shinkouchou, Chuouku, Kobeshi, Hyougo

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