Venue Features

CÉ LA VI, which started in Marina Bay Sands, the symbol of Singapore, and has expanded to Hong Kong, St. Tropez in France, and other places around the world, has now arrived in Japan for the first time, bringing with it the world's most fascinating brand. CÉ LA VI TOKYO is the perfect place to experience "The Pursuit of pleasure" in an extraordinary atmosphere.

Main Banquet Specifications

Name of Banquet Hall


The Pursuit of pleasure. A social gathering place for adults based on mixology, music and cuisine. A fine dining establishment offering innovative modern Asian cuisine. An extraordinary space that delivers superb entertainment to all, with the view of Shibuya below.

  • Hall Size

    "BAO BY CÉ LA VI" Size 205 m² (incl. terrace)
    "CLUB LOUNGE" Size 270 m²
    "RESTAURANT&SKY BAR" Size Restaurant 326 m², Terrace 133 m², 18.5F 440 m²

  • Ceiling height

    "BAO BY CÉ LA VI" 3.5m
    "CLUB LOUNGE" 5.5m

  • Capacity

    "BAO BY CÉ LA VI" Seated 54 people, Cocktail 100 people
    "CLUB LOUNGE" Seated 56 people, Cocktail 150
    "RESTAURANT&SKY BAR" 64 People, SKY BAR 30 people, Cocktail 350 people

  • Address

    17F/18F, Toukyu Plaza Shibuya, 1-2-3, Dougenzaka, Shibuyaku, Tokyo

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