Sawara Merchant Town Hotel NIPPONIA

Venue Features

NIPPONIA Sawara Merchant Town Hotel is a distributed hotel born from the renovation of 12 valuable historical buildings in Sawara, including local sake breweries, into front office and guest room buildings. By staying and exploring the town of Sawara, we offer an extraordinary journey that allows you to experience the history and culture of the town.

Main Banquet Specifications

Name of Banquet Hall


The KAGURA building, which functions as a banquet hall, is a former sake brewery that once produced traditional white sweet sake since the Meiji era, operated by the local 'Baba Honten Sake Brewery,' boasting a history of over 300 years. This authentic space, where sake brewing actually took place, is a tranquil and extraordinary place slightly removed from the town's hustle and bustle. Lights inspired by sake barrels serve as a symbol. Additionally, a 'TASTING BAR' is also on site, where you can sample sake from Baba Honten Sake Brewery and Tohkun Sake Brewery.

  • Hall Size


  • Ceiling height


  • Capacity

    84 people

  • Address

    1708-2, Swarai, Katori-shi, Chiba

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