Venue Features

Banquet rooms spread out at the foot of Yasaka Pagoda, the symbol of Kyoto. Five banquet halls of various sizes are scattered throughout the 1,760 m² site by the scenic Higashiyama Mountains. Each hall has their unique interiors and views from their windows, where some rooms adjacent to the Yasaka Pagoda. The capacity ranges from 20 persons to maximum of 500 persons by renting out all five rooms. This stunning location provides a truly unique experience for your guests.

Main Banquet Specifications

Name of Banquet Hall


The banquet room with a view of the Yasaka Pagoda within reach is a historical room where Seiho Takeuchi spent most of his time as an artist, retaining the modern sensibility of the era when the building was constructed in 1929. The lattice windows flood the room with natural light, and the gorgeous chandeliers are exactly as they were in those days. THE ATELIER is SODOH HIGASHIYAMA KYOTO's most special room bringing back the scent of Kyoto from the early Showa period.

  • Hall Size

    71 m²

  • Ceiling height


  • Capacity

    Seated: 48 people

  • Address

    366, Yasakadori Shimogawara Higashiiru Yasakakamimachi, Kyotoshi, Kyoto

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