Venue Features

The Valley of Gangala is a valley formed by the collapse of limestone caves hundreds of thousands of years ago. The valley is a lush forest the size of Tokyo Dome, and a 1-kilometer trail leads the visitors through the forest. There are plans to tour the valley before the party, and by understanding the uniqueness of the area will make the stay even more special.

Main Banquet Specifications

Name of Banquet Hall

Valley of Gangala Cave Cafe

Hundreds of thousands of years of time and the workings of nature have created these limestone caves. Academic excavations are still underway in search of traces of humans from the Paleolithic period; in 2016, the world's oldest fish hook, dating back 23,000 years, was discovered. Spend an inspiring time in a space that has actually been used by people of various ages from ancient times to the present day.

  • Hall Size

    220 m²

  • Capacity

    Seated: 80 people / Theater: 200 people

  • Address

    202, Maekawa, Tamagusuku, Nanjoushi, Okinawa

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