• 【Happy New Year 2024】New Year’s Greetings

【Happy New Year 2024】New Year’s Greetings


The year 2024 has begun. First and foremost, I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to everyone affected by the Noto Peninsula earthquake, as well as their families. I sincerely pray for everyone’s safety and the swift recovery of the affected areas. How was the past year for you all? I believe there were various experiences: some spent it peacefully, others achieved their work goals, and some might have had unresolved feelings. This year is the Year of the Dragon. Let’s rise together like ascending dragons!

At GP Office, I’ve noticed something about the nature of today’s leaders. Towards the end of the year, I greeted various important clients and agency representatives. A common trait among them was their brightness and excellent greetings; they were impenetrable yet candid and untroubled. In today’s world, not all businesses of responsible individuals are successful. There are daily concerns about performance, new methods, employee motivation, and the rise of AI. However, when I meet them, they give bright and sharp, creative advice about GP. It’s impressive, considering they are from completely different industries. Many already heavily use Chat GPT, which I find characteristic. Modern leaders are, in a way, noble and have a broad defensive range. For me, the end of the year always boosts my motivation. I sincerely thought, “I want to be a bright, aura-filled leader like them.”

During an event, I spoke about the second founding phase of GP’s board members. Let me introduce our board members: “Founder and Executive Producer in charge of Web, Miyanaga,” “Fujiwara, the best business producer and Sales Chief CSO I’ve ever met,” “Kawamoto, the Planning Chief CPO, known as the god of planning,” “Obata, the CFO, a strict person even to me,” “Okutani, the Event Doctor, far more famous in the industry than me,” “Mizuno, the Producer respected for his strength in numbers and precision,” and “Nakamura, the COO overseeing all company operations.”

Trust and good relationships were not present among all board members from the start. We clashed, spoke frankly, and worked together, building the trust we have now. I feel that we have the best board members for the second founding of GP in 2024. We will provide high-quality production to society through GP. I would be grateful for your support.

As for what I, the representative, will do in 2024? I vaguely think, “What’s needed is someone with a bit of mad genius.” You might wonder if I’m going crazy, but without taking risks and being aggressive, one cannot change the world. If I choose comfort and stand still, it won’t be GP anymore. I’ve always believed that a company needs ‘passion’ for its brand to thrive. Like Steve Jobs said, “STAY HUNGRY, STAY FOOLISH.” Organizations perfected by great managers are like artworks, even art. “To continue creating events that deeply move clients and participants, making GLOBAL PRODUCE a cool company.” I also want to create such an artwork, which is the company and the events themselves. Spaces and lighting that tingle your heart the moment you enter. Program designs that make it hard to accept the end and excite you as you progress. Presentation designs that hit you hard, leading to unprecedented realizations and strong bonds. I want to keep producing events that weave these elements together at an extraordinarily high level.

The era is transitioning from “Earth” to “Wind.” In recent years, the focus has shifted from tangible values, where hard work mattered, to the era of “Wind,” where intangible things like emotions, beliefs, trust, and gratitude are valued. “Emotion” is the key word. It’s truly the era of production. Events are not about convenience but about creating emotional experiences. While not absolutely necessary, people seek emotional experiences. The foundation of this is emotions, beliefs, trust, and gratitude. I am confident that these will become increasingly important in the advancing era of “Wind.”

This year, let’s make it a year of the rising dragon. I look forward to working with you all and wish you success.


President and Chief Producer


President and Metaverse Producer


Vice President and Creative Director

Masaki Kohata