• 【Sports×Entertainment】 Los Angeles Lakers game!

【Sports×Entertainment】 Los Angeles Lakers game!


At the beginning of January, I visited Los Angeles and one of the highlights was attending my first Lakers game! Although I’m not a big basketball fan, I was captivated by the numerous entertaining aspects beyond the game itself. In this journal entry, I want to explore other fascinating elements of the event, including the Crypto.com Arena, the gift shop, and the various entertainments during the game.

Notable features of Crypto.com arena

Crypto.com arena is the home venue to the Los Angeles Lakers. This arena is situated in downtown Los Angeles so it’s easily accessible and surrounded by other attractions.

Crypto.com Arena, aside from hosting Lakers games, is a versatile venue that hosts a wide range of events. This includes concerts, sporting events like basketball and ice hockey games, and special events. The arena has been the site for major events such as NBA All-Star Weekends, NHL All-Star Games, professional figure skating, UFC and boxing events, and NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship West Division. Additionally, it has hosted cultural and entertainment events like Disney on Ice, Grammy Awards ceremonies, and concerts by prominent artists from various genres.

The arena’s versatility extends to its ability to accommodate various event types, with seating capacities that vary depending on the event – up to 19,067 for basketball, 18,340 for hockey, and nearly 20,000 for concerts and other special events.

Furthermore, Crypto.com Arena is part of a larger entertainment hub in downtown Los Angeles known as L.A. Live, which includes the Microsoft Theater, hosting ceremonies like the Primetime Emmy Awards and is the planned weightlifting venue for the 2028 Summer Olympics. The Grammy Museum is also part of this complex, celebrating the legacy of music’s premier awards ceremony.

Check out the gift shop before getting to your seats!

At the Lakers gift shop, popular items include a variety of Lakers-themed clothing and accessories. Some of the most sought-after items are jerseys, particularly those featuring team stars, as well as hoodies and sweatshirts. There’s also a notable demand for accessories like socks, with special designs including those of players and the team logo. Additionally, items like personalized water bottles and tumblers have gained popularity among fans.

For women, accessories like the Hardwood Classics Fanny Pack and Lakers BaubleBar Logo Large Hoop Earrings are particularly popular. Men’s accessories, such as varsity crew socks and knit gloves, are also in demand. These items reflect the wide range of merchandise available, catering to different tastes and preferences of Lakers fans.

Light up your Lakers cheer sticks!

Be sure to light up the sticks before the game starts! You may be on the camera!


360 degree drop-screen

Drop screen was my most favorite entertainment during the game!

The LA Lakers Screen Drop is a notable and exciting feature during the home games of the Los Angeles Lakers. This event is specifically designed to energize the crowd and enhance the overall game experience, contributing to a more immersive and thrilling atmosphere.

As the game is about to begin, with the anticipation in the arena building, a massive LED screen descends from the ceiling towards the center of the court. The screen is not just large but also boasts high-definition quality, ensuring that every detail captured on camera is clearly visible to fans across the arena. This descent of the screen is accompanied by an electrifying soundtrack and impressive light effects, adding to the excitement.

The screen serves multiple purposes. It not only boosts the atmosphere by amplifying the crowd’s energy and enthusiasm but also enhances the viewing experience by displaying player introductions, team graphics, and live action from the game. The clarity and size of the screen ensure that key moments of the game, like slam dunks or three-pointers, are captured and presented in a way that involves the audience deeply in the game.

My favorite part of this screen drop was watching the staff hurriedly clean up the curtains afterwards.

The Lakers Girls

The Laker Girls are the official cheerleading squad for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, performing at home games and other events. Established in 1979 by Jerry Buss, the founder of the Lakers, the squad was created to add entertainment and excitement to NBA games.

The Laker Girls are known for their talent and charisma, and they play a significant role in engaging the crowd during games. They also serve as local ambassadors and advocates for female empowerment in the Los Angeles area. The squad is semi-professional, with members holding various day jobs.

Auditions for the team are held annually in July, where dance skills, personality, style, and teamwork are key judging criteria. Notably, Paula Abdul, a former Laker Girl, gained fame after being discovered by The Jacksons and went on to have a successful career in music and dance choreography. The Laker Girls have thus gained a reputation for excellence and have become a celebrated part of the Lakers’ game-day experience.

Celebrity Sightings

①Kim Kardashian


③Meghan and Prince Harry

Many celebrities are spotted during the game. Usually the camera captures them during the game break and the crowd gasps as they see the celebrities wave their hands at them.

What to expect for future sport events

At Global Produce, our primary focus is on producing corporate events, but I believe we could also expand into Business × Sports events. We have experience with Sports Day events, and I am convinced that sports foster team building in a fun and healthy manner.