• Let’s aim “love-first-movement” in a row! Copywriter class in the GP

Let’s aim “love-first-movement” in a row! Copywriter class in the GP


This is Somemiya, a hidden member (!?), who is infested with the TOPICS of the GP.
Pollen … Not, how are you spending these days, when spring signs are on the rise?

Today, we will deliver the copywriting seminar report we held in the other day in GP!


I’m thinking…
“What is copywriting?”
“Is that related to the event?”
The voice is likely to be heard, so let’s talk from there first!

“Copywriting” is
It is about “writing the text of advertisement / promotion, or its technology”.
Everything from hanging ads on trains to advertising pages on fashion magazines and promotional texts that appear here and there using the free app on smartphones are all copywriting.

Use copywriting for advertising only!
It’s a shame!!

In my personal opinion
Copywriting is a writing technique that makes you fall in love at first sight.

Advertisements and advertisements are “something you don’t want to read” and “a waste of time” for many people.
It is natural to be ignored. (…… Uh, I am writing myself and I am sad)

In such a hard mode, “How to attract the other party’s feelings” and “Can you like it?”

Naturally, you can use it in other situations if you acquire that power.
Speaking of GP’s work, exchange of presentation materials, manuals, emails … all show off their copywriting skills. Of course, I will be very active outside the job.
There is also a story that you have become motile if you improve copywriting.
…… I did not do that, so the last example is Mayutuba …

…… Cohon, the story went wrong.
That’s why, in the mind that it will lead to the skill improvement of the whole GP
We had a copywriting seminar.
The lecturer is a mischievous, Somemiya.

Copywriting seminar, what do you do specifically?

I will consider such a thing.

And, because it is nothing to explain
Let’s publish one work done during the seminar!


Did you think, “What’s that easy?”
However, when this is tried, it is surprisingly crunchy.

This question is
Just explain what kind of dish “Ochazuke” is
It does not mean that.

The other party is a 5-year-old boy.
I do not know difficult words.
I’m not asking for an explanation.
I will not listen to you until the end of what I am not interested in.

・ Use words that everyone knows
・ Funny and easy to understand
・ As short and simple as possible

It is a brain tease to tell a 5-year-old boy.
There is no correct answer to the answer, so please feel free to think!



You might be wondering, “Why are you five-year-old boys?”

Of course, there are also reasons for this configuration.

In fact, with words that a 5-year-old boy knows
There is no big difference in the words that adults can easily understand.
And because “Adult’s true feelings” is also close to a 5-year-old boy.

Hard words, hard-to-understand expressions can cause stress even in adults.
I don’t want to hear what I am “uninterested” or uninteresting.
However, because they are adults, they will only endure their true feelings.
While taking care not to yawn
While smiling, I just think “I can’t finish early” …

But if it is a word or phrase that a 5-year-old boy can understand
It is no stress and it is easy to be interested.
What is “to express to a 5-year-old boy”
It is “to express so that an adult can feel comfortable and understand easily.”

By the way, my answer to the above question was “soup rice” … but this is just one of the answers.

What was your answer?

<Easy to understand justice>

It is copy writing course that thinks about “what is easy to understand” and expresses it using various methods like this.

He also talked about how to add nuances that can not be compensated for by ease of understanding and how to choose words to create a sense of intimacy.

The words of the GP members who received this seminar should be clear and attractive.

The use of words is a universal skill that raises all sorts of skills.
If you think that the TOPIC and the presentation of the GP members are “I’m easy to understand”, I’m glad if you can remember this article somehow.