• A flood of Applying! GP’s new graduate briefing session for a total of 400 pax!!

A flood of Applying! GP’s new graduate briefing session for a total of 400 pax!!


Hello! This is Yamaguchi from GP.
From March, job hunting for 2020 students started in earnest.
You often see students dressed in recruit suits in town!
In GP, to discover “future event producers”
We are hiring!

The GP briefing, which was originally scheduled for the 5th time, was quickly packed with reservations!
After that, we will set up two additional events, but the entire schedule will be filled with reservations!
So, in the end, it will be held 10 times in total,

About 400 people came!

There are about 1800 entries!!!
I received a lot of consultation that I wanted to participate in the briefing session but I couldn’t go because it was full.

This is the first time that a company information session has been held as a new graduate recruitment
I feel nostalgic when I was worried about people gathering …
Thank you very much for your participation!!

So today, it ’s very popular with the students
We will tell you the state of [GP experience meeting-company briefing session & roundtable discussion-]!

program was
■ About GP / Company Description
■ Interact with GP members! Symposium
■ Harajuku Office Tour

These are 8CONCEPTs that GP members value.

GLOBAL PRODUCE was born at home of CEO’s Kouhata as like Apple that Kouhata loves.(Apple was founded in Steve Jobs’ home garage)

At the GP briefing, representative Mitsuhata gave a presentation with enthusiasm!

[I would like to add human resources who will sympathize with GP VISION.]
With this strong feeling, you can get rich content such as the wake of GP and the direction you are aiming for! Condensed and told.

Is it rare for the president to appear in the briefing session? Everyone was a little nervous when Mitsuhata appeared.

“Hello! I’m glad you for coming today!”

The atmosphere changes completely with the greeting.

There were scenes where people gradually relaxed and laughter and cheers were born.

Do you have any moments in your daily life??

Look at the beautiful scenery, eat delicious food …

The surprising moment will remain in my mind and change my feelings.

It may affect future thoughts and actions.

The event is the same!
Don’t make it an event that ends with “I enjoyed the place somehow.”
“Advertising agencies create ads on behalf of organizers”
“We will create an event together on behalf of the organizer”

After the event is over, you can get better, motivated,
There is notice and there is skill-up.
And the power is transmitted to the people around you.

At the beginning, [delivering happiness to the world through event production]

We are seriously aiming.
It might be a little bit cheesy lines, but … We are serious.

Introducing events that have been produced so far,
“What does global production do?”

I was asked to solve the question.

The next thing I’m interested in is the “atmosphere of working people and companies”!
Even in a company that can do what it wants to do, it is important to have relationships with friends who meet each other every day.

That’s why young members who will be responsible for the future of GP appear at the roundtable!

《Speak without wrapping everything》 This is also the theme of the roundtable discussion.

Where work is rewarding and GP likes! Of course,

Overtime, holidays, hard things …
I talked about anything that was hard to hear from the students!

Imagine that you know GP and you are working here.
And I want you to enjoy this time today!
Some of the GP members were showing off their favorite things because of such feelings.
There are students who have continued to do things, and can I join the company without a single trick? ! Some people may have been worried. Lol

At the same time as the round-table discussion, we also conducted an [Office Tour]!
This is also popular because it is hard to see the whole company!

Finding a job from a number of companies is a goal that can be reached with so much stupidity, frustration, conflict, and effort that you can’t finish with just one word.

I am really glad that many companies participated in the briefing with an interest in GP!
I talked to myself and had a lot of things to learn and notice.

The appearance of acting to fulfill what I want to do in the future is wonderful.
When everyone thinks that they are sparkling
The role of the timekeeper of the round-table talk was neglected. Lol

It was 90 minutes in no time!!!

Finally, we will introduce some of the questionnaires submitted at the briefing!

[Questionnaire survey]
・ It was a good time. It was a wonderful briefing session.
I feel that my feelings about job hunting have also changed radically.

・ In Harajuku, where you usually only go shopping
I was surprised that there was such a wonderful company

・ Close proximity of employees and the president, unique to venture companies,
I thought it was wonderful to be able to express what I wanted to do.

・ Think not only about events but also to brighten the world,
I was surprised that I was thinking about contributing to society

・ I felt the idea was very creative and fun

・ Do not walk on the laid rail,
I felt that the company was unique

・ Because there was no idea of ​​helping society and people through the event,
I was surprised

I got a lot of questions,
It ’s a little regrettable that we could n’t respond to everything in a limited time,
I was able to get the impression that it was an industry that was not in sight but I was very interested!

It was a very meaningful time to get many people to know GP!

GP is serious about anything.
In this briefing, I want the best talent, I want a “super assistant” instead of a regular assistant! I told you.

We are looking for human resources that will be able to bottom-up a GP that is still growing.

There are many things I want, but there were really nice students at this briefing! I liked the event and I was very happy that I had a big dream and felt that I was interested in the GP!

The GP will continue to power up by gathering excellent and encouraging members!

What kind of members is increased by this time next year? ? We will see!