• A Mission of 007 Reenactment?! The Luxurious Location Tour That I’m Too Curious About

A Mission of 007 Reenactment?! The Luxurious Location Tour That I’m Too Curious About


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Hello, everyone! This is Mayo from GP. Today, I would like to introduce a trending tour called “Assignment: Europe.” Apparently, this special tour allows you to fully immerse yourself in the world of James Bond, the beloved iconic character of the popular British entertainment franchise “007”. What does that mean exactly?! So, let’s find out together what this tour is all about!

Relive 007: The Assignment Europe Tour

Bond girls, stylish production, action, etc. The legendary film series “007” captivates many people with its various charms. It’s famous as a spy franchise based on the novels by British author Ian Fleming. Starting with “Dr. No,” released in 1962, it has been loved across generations to this day. Remember the collaboration between Queen Elizabeth and James Bond during the London Olympics? It was quite an event.

By the way, “007” refers to the code name for a spy operative belonging to the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). Agents assigned to the 00 section are granted a license to kill in order to protect the safety of the United Kingdom!

If you’re a fan of “007,” it’s understandable that you would want to visit the glamorous filming locations featured in the movies. It’s even more exciting when the backdrop is the beautiful continent of Europe. In order to fulfill this dream, the British tour company Black Tomato has released a luxurious location tour related to “007”! This tour, called “The Assignment: Europe,” starts in London, the home of James Bond.

Then it continues with visits to five European cities that appeared in the movies, including Paris, Monaco, Lake Como in Italy, and Venice, covering a total of 12 nights. This tour, planned to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the series, will be held until October 2023. If you’re curious, check out the official website link at the end of the article.

An Astonishing Luxury Experience: What’s Included?

The tour itinerary is what draws our attention. Prepare to be amazed by the extravagant and unprecedented elements of this tour that immerse you in the world of Bond.

Act 1: London (Days 1-3)

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The tour starts in London, England. First, you’ll head to the Corinthia London Hotel in a private car, a Range Rover. Then, you can experience the thrilling ride on a Superhawk 34, as seen in “The World Is Not Enough” (1999), cruising down the River Thames. You can also indulge in shopping for Bond merchandise in St. James, get into the 007 mood with a favorite Bond cocktail, the Vodka Martini, and enjoy a bit of gambling.

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Additionally, there are other activities, such as a tour of London’s bespoke tailors, stunt training by Lee Morrison, an experienced stunt coordinator involved in the last five Bond films, and an elegant sunset tour. You can fully enjoy three days filled with the essence of “007.”

Act 2: Paris (Days 4-5)

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Your stay in Paris will be at the luxurious 5-star hotel, Hotel de Crillon. Once you’ve checked in, you’ll be driven in a private car to the Bollinger Champagne winery, which Bond loves. After visiting the rarely open-to-the-public vineyards and tasting, you’ll return to Paris for dinner at Le Jules Verne, where James Bond had a meal in “A View to a Kill” (1985).

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The next day, you will head to Chantilly Castle, where you can experience the unique attractions of Paris, such as visiting the training center of the most luxurious horses in France and enjoying a meal at the Auberge du Jeu de Paume. This tour offers the opportunity to indulge in champagne, castles, and horseback riding, which are quintessential experiences in Paris.

Act 3: Monaco (Days 6-7)

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After flying from Paris to Nice, you’ll meet up with the captain of a private helicopter. After receiving instructions and fastening your seatbelt, you’ll take to the skies again! Enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean coastline and the skies of the Principality of Monaco on the French Riviera. Your accommodation will be at the celebrity-favored hotel, Metropole Monte-Carlo. Take your time to relax there. Furthermore, you can enjoy the sea on a private yacht, and have a fabulous and daring night at the Casino de Monte-Carlo, experiencing something that can only be done there.

Act 4: Lake Como (Days 8-9)

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After leaving the Principality of Monaco, you’ll head to the gorgeous Lake Como in northern Italy. Drive stylishly in an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, taking in the beautiful scenery at full throttle. After an exhilarating drive, you’ll arrive at Villa Passalacqua, a magnificent mansion converted from an 18th-century Italian noble’s residence. Experience the grandeur of the mansion and, on the following day, board a seaplane for a private water-skiing lesson.

Final Act: Venice (Days 10-12)

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Transfer to the hotel via a private boat. With an aperitif in hand, head to the towering golden clock tower. Visit other famous places seen in “Casino Royale” (2006), such as St. Mark’s Square, Campo San Giorgio, Rialto Market, and Campo San Barnaba. You can also enjoy the sea on a gondola, as seen in “From Russia with Love” (1963), and have a private dinner on Murano Island. On the final day, visit the Venetian Lagoon on a private yacht and have a “James Bond-style” dinner at the Belmond Hotel Cipriani, bringing the tour to a grand finale!

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.. I-Isn’t it amazing? Have you ever heard the word “private” being mentioned so many times?! Those who have read this far will undoubtedly be completely satisfied with this tour! Right?!

In Conclusion

How did you find the “Assignment Europe Tour,” where you can fully immerse yourself in the world of James Bond? Finally, I must mention the price of this tour, a staggering 70,000USD (approximately 10 million yen) per person! That’s quite expensive! Yes, becoming James Bond requires a considerable price.

However, from an entertainment perspective, this tour seems quite fascinating, don’t you think? In the case of “007,” it’s understandable that the cost is high to match the world of this franchise. Nevertheless, for other productions, it might be possible to create a tour that allows you to enjoy the ambiance while keeping the budget in check. It’s amazing how wide the possibilities are when it comes to entertainment. That’s something we should consider in our production once again. Well then, see you later!