• For new employees! Must-Know it! Convenient Excel techniques

For new employees! Must-Know it! Convenient Excel techniques


Hello! This is Sumie.

All of a sudden, are you good at Excel?

Actually, I was so messy …

I always check the list and the summary table, check this, and make it steadily .

Basic shortcut keys are something that you will get used to and learn.

Have you ever wondered, “That? This work is quite awkward but can’t be done automatically?”

There aren’t many opportunities to learn unexpectedly, and it doesn’t matter what search terms are used to investigate …

I would like to introduce some convenient shortcut keys.

■ Select a specific cell → “Ctrl” + “Click the cell you want to select”
This is a convenient shortcut key when you want to select the 1st, 3rd and 6th data in this table …

You can select the cell you want to select by holding down the Ctrl key.

■ Enter today’s date → “Ctrl” + “;”
The date that is always included in business materials. It ’s cumbersome to manually type in.

Use “Ctrl” + “;” to enter today’s date automatically.

■ Select a wide range of cells → “Select the first cell in the selection range” → “Shift” + “Select the last cell in the selection range”
You can select all of the long to long data of hundreds of lines, of course, you can drag it, but you may miss one line selection, or go too far and select a blank cell … It’s surprisingly troublesome.

With this shortcut key, you can select data with a large number of rows and columns in an instant.

■ Replace characters in multiple cells → “Ctrl” + “H”
When I want to remove only the letters “corporation” in this list …

Select the range to be replaced by dragging, and enter the characters you want to replace to convert them all at once.

■Count the number of specific data → = COUNTIF (row: column, “search phrase”)
Use this when you want to count how many of these types of data you have.

How was it?

Here are just a few of the things I usually use.

The frequency of use is not so high as ultra-basic, but if you remember it will lead to a shorter time, so please use it ♪

Then, everyone, have a nice Excel time!