Adobe MAX Japan 2019


“Adobe MAX Japan 2019” introduced the other day was held on December 3!
This event not only lets you experience the potential of digital expression brought by Adobe products that creators around the world have loved, but also learns the latest know-how of top creators.
Of course we can not miss it as a GP.
In addition, I would definitely like to see the wires, installation, and decoration of external events at companies that are at the forefront of these technologies!
That’s why I participated!

The venue is Pacifico Yokohama in Minatomirai. This is a fairly large event using Halls A to C and ANNEX.

The decoration of the venue is simple and stylish.
In particular, the linear design that shows the frame and skeleton, and the crisp and vivid light using the LEDs get a lot of looks.

There were stages with color names such as “Yellow” and “Green” in the hall, and the light that matched each stage name.

The map at the entrance of the venue.
At events where various contents gather in a large space like Adobe MAX, the clarity of such a map is extremely important!
By making full use of tables and color-coding, it was easy to see where, when, and what was.
This is the point I want to learn!

The selling corner of original goods that are too popular is also stylish.

Natural furniture, corrugated cardboard, steel shelves, and so on. The furoshiki handle of the standing mannequin is also effective.

By the way, the merchandise was a numbered ticket distribution ceremony, but it was very popular and the numbered ticket had been distributed at 9 o’clock in the morning.
Goods are still popular at digital software events.

Click here for the list of goods sold.
As an event producing company, “what is being sold” is also important information in such sales.
As you can see from the sold-out items, it seems that items that are reasonable and capture the characteristics of the event are strong.

This is the announcement corner of a design contest called “Adobe Max Challenge”.
In the original design contest using the Adobe MAX logo, there was also a graphic and movie section, as well as a sneaker and cap design section.

This article dares to focus on construction and decoration without touching the content inside…
It’s interesting that the event of the same company is completely different from the decoration several years ago!

This is also scary.
Just as fashion is trendy, so is setting up and decorating events. If you do not follow that flow properly, you will feel outdated.

That’s why it’s important to stay up to date on the latest events and keep up to date on what decorations are in demand today.

However, some are much more popular.

It is a board that has been set up for years and allows participants to freely draw letters and pictures.

Of course, I wrote this year too!
It’s interesting that an analog board is available at a digital tool event.
I think that such a “participant’s desire to participate” is also one of the essential elements of the event.