• What kind of person is appropriate to “Event Producer”? [Aptitude test]

What kind of person is appropriate to “Event Producer”? [Aptitude test]


Hello! I am a writer “Nomurak” at GP TOPICS.

Today’s article will be “What does the event producer actually do?”
What kind of person is suitable? I will try to answer the question.


Before hiring interview,
if you check this in advance, I write from the kindness of relatives like grandma who want to be able to give more specific questions in an interview with a smug face.

Event producer aptitude test

By the way, check how many questions apply to the 15 questions below.

□ I like to please people
□ Type to act before thinking
□ I think that you can do even the opposite
□ I like to write sentences
□ People who are aware of something or care about details than the people around them
□ The new start is the one that continues continuously
□ You can respect the other person regardless of age younger or older
□ I have the courage to dive into difficult situations and new chains. Rather exciting.
□ I think it is imperative to keep time
□ I like numbers
□ Emphasize emotions and intuitions that occur in the mind over theory
□ Good at asking questions
□ I like studying
□ Respect courtesy manners
□ It is a type that gives priority to thinking about the future rather than looking back on the past

How many did it apply?
If you have all the information, send us a resume now.
If you apply 10 or more, you already have the qualities of an event producer.

The following figure is an important quality as an event producer that GP considers.

〔GP Kickoff 2015〕光畑0411

The previous question was a question to see the inherent qualities of this figure.
As for GP, surprisingly, we are thinking about such a thing seriously.


Event producer’s job


What kind of person is an image of an event producer?
If you only look at our website, you will see it as a gathering of weird people.

In general, what an “event producer” does is manage and manage all aspects of production.
Planning, external partner coordination (acoustic lighting and video equipment / stage construction decoration / performers, etc.)
Schedule management, budget control, quality control of works, etc.

The most important thing is that

“all the teams have a strong desire to” achieve “their goals” Keeping strong feelings with the whole team

It is exciting and full of occupations!