• [Until 2026] COMMUNE Is Back in Omotesando!

[Until 2026] COMMUNE Is Back in Omotesando!


Photo by:PR TIMES

Hello everyone, this is Kumaki from GP.

COMMUNE, originally born in a parking lot along 246 (Aoyama street) in 2012 as 246COMMON, later changed its name to COMMUNE246 and then COMMUNE 2nd. It was loved by trend-conscious young people, but unfortunately closed in 2021. However, it was revived in Omotesando in 2023 as “B-Flat COMMUNE”, a community space and exchange hub. Some shops within the space rotate, in order to foster new encounters. This means there’s always a reason to visit again and again!


246COMMON was created by Mr. Kurosaki, the founder of IDEE. The name of the facility is derived from the “Paris Commune”, the first government by the working class in all of history. The term “COMMUNE” originally comes from French, meaning “joint”, “shared”, and “multiple”, equivalent to the English word “common.”

Diverse food trucks

B-Flat COMMUNE features a variety of food-based establishments. Here are some of the food trucks you can find there!


BEER BRAIN was created by a group of friends who wanted to enjoy delicious craft beer anywhere, so they built a mobile tap house. Initially located next to Aoyama Kumano Shrine, it has moved to various locations across Aoyama and now resides at B-Flat COMMUNE!

The tap house has a cute, homey exterior, and the craft beer is, of course, delicious. They always have about five different craft beers on tap, and you can choose the size, which is a nice feature.

Incidentally, BEER BRAIN also opened a permanent location in Jingumae 2-chome last year!


HOTDOGGY is a place where you can enjoy hot dogs and natural wine. Naturally, you can enjoy hot dogs alone or just natural wine. The wine is available by the bottle or by the glass. They offer several varieties by the glass, so you can choose according to your preference. The potatoes with jalapeño cheddar cheese are also delicious.

WAY powered by DEENEY’S

Originating from London, UK, DEENEY’S initially had a hot sandwich shop near the National Stadium, which has now relocated and opened here! They offer several types of hot sandwiches, including one with Scotland’s traditional dish, haggis. All of them look delicious.

I tried the Casanova, which had crispy bread overflowing with cheese, chunks of chicken, and onions. It was incredibly tasty and paired perfectly with beer.

Photo by: Deeney’s HP

KOKAGE Beer Stand

This stand is run by KOKAGE Brewery from Karuizawa. They offer a lineup of five beers. If you’re looking for something light, you can choose an ale or pilsner, and if you prefer something stronger, there’s an IPA. It’s great to have a selection of classic, delicious beers to choose from!

In conclusion… 

B-Flat COMMUNE is the perfect place to relax with friends and family under the open sky. With many foreign visitors, you might even get a taste of an overseas atmosphere! As the weather warms up, this spot is ideal for the coming season. It would be a good choice to unwind here. Now then, see you next time.

Address: 4-4-4 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo (near the Apple store in Omotesando)