• Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado Is Finally Open!

Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado Is Finally Open!


Hello, this is GP’s Sakata here. 

On Wednesday, April 17, Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado opened at the Jingumae intersection! When I visited, I found it to be an ultra-modern commercial facility of the current era. And so, I decided to share this excitement with everyone!

What is “Harakado” in the first place?

First, let’s talk about “Harakado.” Tokyu Plaza Harajuku Harakado is a commercial facility that contains 75 stores, including restaurants and food markets. Amazingly, it also houses the second location of “Kosugiyu”, a famous public bath from Koenji! (We’ve already covered this bathhouse in another Journal page.) As a fan of public baths, having one close to the office is incredibly convenient for me.

In addition, there’s a café from Paris, various other innovative shops, and floors that are likely to become popular hubs for creating and sharing Harajuku culture.. Even just visiting can be an exhilarating experience!

Fully-equipped dining establishments

The 5th and 6th floors of Harakado feature dining areas. There are numerous trendy restaurants, ranging from everyday eateries you can visit daily, to unique and distinctive establishments!

This area has an interior reminiscent of a traditional “yokocho” (alleyway) with popular Tokyo restaurants lined up one after another. In my personal opinion, housing the Chinese restaurant “Shikin Hanten”, famous for its egg fried rice in Harajuku, is a fantastic choice! There are many affordable places, making it an excellent spot for a simple lunch as well.

The creative area “Harappa”, stimulating one’s creativity

Next is the floor “Harappa”. The first things that greet you upon arrival are the scents and sounds!

The entire floor is filled with a calming aroma, and a soothing BGM that is playing constantly. There are numerous unique objects, making it an engaging space. The floor has grass carpets and wooden benches installed with SDGs in mind, creating a very relaxing environment. (It seems like you could come up with creative ideas if you work here!)

This floor combines the ideas of “harappa” (open field and relaxation. Notably, there’s an object in the center that resembles a bonfire, and when you get close, it even makes a crackling sound!

A rooftop terrace with a panoramic view of Harajuku and Omotesando!

On the 7th floor, there is a rooftop terrace overlooking the Jingumae intersection. There’s more than art and food; you can also enjoy a space where you can fully relax, surrounded by greenery! The lush garden area and the space available for dining creates a versatile environment for collaborative events with various companies and brands!

Public bath “Kosugiyu”

The renowned public bath “Kosugiyu” from Koenji has opened in a second location. The most surprising aspect is undoubtedly the price! Despite being in the bustling area of Harajuku, Shibuya, the admission fee for adults is just 520 yen! (Many of us at GP love public baths, so this is fantastic news.)

The interior of the bathhouse is an off-white color, and there’s even a bath with the fragrance of milk. Collaborating with Kao, the bathhouse provides Kao products as amenities. This  includes shampoo, body soap, facial cleansers, and skincare items such as lotions.

Be sure to visit when you’re tired because of work, or when you’re in Harajuku for a fun day out!

(Click here for an article about Harakado Kosugiyu!)

In conclusion… 

What did you think of Harakado? It’s a commercial facility packed with pieces of Harajuku’s culture. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, or feel the “present” of Tokyo, be sure to visit!