How can I be an event producer?


Hello. It is GP representative, Kouhata.
Recently, an increasing number of people are asking us “I would like to be an event producer …”.
The GP is always looking for new and talented people, so I’m glad to receive such inquiries!

Perhaps some of the people who came to the GP’s home page said, “I want to be an event producer, what should I do? ”
Some maybe confused, such as “Is it OK to inquire suddenly, do we need a qualification?”

So, this time, I would like to share the topics about “How can I become an event producer?”

Can I become an event producer !?

I believe that what is important for event producers is luck.
Unfortunately, there is no such rail that can be an event producer this way.

For example, in the case of me growing up in the countryside where the elementary school is only one class, outside the city of 70,000 people in Fukuoka-prefecture.
“The best you can do a concert or an event at work!” “Good! Let’s get into an event company and enter the lighting department!”
I being lowbrow and jumped into this industry.
…… Well, there was no lighting department in the company that I joined.
They did not deal with concert.
To establish a company 10 years from now … life is strange.

(The photo is the representative of the representative Kouhata)

Why is “luck important”?
That’s because the industry itself is not yet known.
How do I become an event producer? What kind of knowledge do I need? Which company do I choose?
Everyone has no idea.

I myself thought that when I was a student.
“Does an event producer have to graduate from a specialized school? ”

There was no such thing.
Most of them usually graduate university, and the faculties also differ from science and humanities.
There are various things such as Faculty of Architecture / Faculty of French / Faculty of Engineering / Faculty of Economics even I look over the GP.

In the first place, there is no such thing as an event producer training school, and there is no qualification that “If this is all right”.

Nevertheless, there are various things depending on the company.
If there is an event company with a focus on exhibition management, there is a company with a focus on PR events.
Advertising agencies and travel agencies also have event teams.
It is a place where you can do what you want to do.

What can be said to all is
“If you want to be an event producer, please listen to the people of many companies (if you can, people with a career of 10 years or more are ideal)”.
By looking around a lot of companies, you can see what you are good at in each company and what style it is.

Another important thing is … Teacher!

And one more ……
I think that’s the work of every professional, but you can not be full-time without a mentor who can lead you.

In terms of Dragon Ball, I think the meaning of “Who do you study with?” is really important to become an event producer. Depending on the stage, as Goku had Kamesensin, Karin, Kami-sama and Kaioh-sama.
In particular, it is important that the teacher is strict.
Even that Goku got tough training and got stronger.
Such a strict but strong, but can you meet a teacher with kindness and love?
… After all, it is luck.

If you are interested in GLOBAL PRODUCE, please contact us from the contact form.
I will introduce a wonderful master!

Event producer in charge of the main 100events

Enter a company that suits you, meet a good teacher …
still, I can not promise you soon becoming an event producer.
The next important thing is “experience”.

How fast is your head and mindful person to the event director for at least three years,
The event producers beyond that need to have the experience of about 100 main event in charge.

Even if it says an event in a word, the contents are variously different.
While meeting various people every time and clearing various situations
Expert knowledge, theory, number of places and intuition will be accumulated.
In addition, through events, we share pleasure and pain with external partners such as the stage, sound, lighting, images, and designers, and build a relationship of trust.
Event Producers are “On the go” at the end of all that experience.

Event Producers are not the ones who would like to do that.
It is “created” by people around you, such as customers and partners.

What is the purpose of the Event Producer?

As far as you read my article so far, you may have thought “Hey, it’s harder than I thought?”.

Certainly hard. It takes time to stand alone.
But I feel that it is a wonderfully cool job.

I am mostly happy about is that the most of the participants will be delighted in front of you.
Make a plan for the event with everyone. Prepare for production.
The participants will be pleased. (Sometimes impressed and show us a tear)
The organizer will be pleased.
In addition, the participants get well when the event kicks off,
it becomes an initiator of “positive circulation” that revitalizes the economy and leads to the health of society.
Besides, I can get money.
It’s a great reward.
Only because it is the most rewarding work, we are able to start up the company and work on a daily basis.

That’s why we will strive to be a leading event producer. With the best partners!