• BEST 5 lunch ranking selected by the event producers

BEST 5 lunch ranking selected by the event producers


I think well, “What is an event that really has an effect?”
“Strength of thought that can be included in the president’s presentation”
“A sense of hospitality” …

There are so many people in the scene of the event to see the above
・ COOL stage design and construction art team
・ Video team operating multiple PCs and peripherals
・ A sound team that can provide a sound system that can reach the whole area
・ Lighting team that produces a combination of sound and video that can be seen unintentionally
・ Progressive team that will make the program go smoothly
・ Operating team to provide hospitality to customers etc …

In this way, I think the event is the product that results from the convergence of professionals in each section.

There is definitely an important point in order to get work with higher motivation for every one of such professional people!!!
That’s … “Field Lunch(Obento!!)”
That’s why this time,

“The best 5 delectable on-site lunch with the event producer award”

Then let’s announce immediately!

5th place: Kiyoken “Shumai Bento”

The most favorite lunch of our company president Mr.Kouhata!


4th place: Torikyu “Karatatsu Lunch Box”
Here is our favorite lunch box of our Yano
It is a popular boy No. 1 lunch box of fried chicken and thighs!

出展:鳥専門の弁当屋  蒲田  鳥久

Come on, let’s go on to the announcement of BEST3!
And before that …

It is the announcement of the extra edition! !

A well-known store known without saying Aubergine (curry)

If you can eat a lunch immediately, this is the one! The king of hot meal!

出展:欧風カレー オーベルジーヌ

Fresh deli (sandwich)

I have no eyes on sandwiches, but this is really high quality!
The menu is also very rich and one by one, so it’s perfect for busy scenes and breakfasts!


Senbikiya (fruit sandwich)

It is happy just looking at it already.
The model is also very popular, but you can not buy it unless you go to the store …


DEAN & DELUCA (Catering & Pot Coffee)

DEAN & DELUCA actually has a catering menu.
It looks perfect too!!

Well, let’s go back to the rankings!!

3rd place: Kinbei “Gin-Dara Saikyo-yaki”

This is no doubt a guy.
The main dish and other side dishes are very delicious! !
(Shrub grilled and ordered in 2 kinds for young men of meat school younger than fish)

2nd place: KIZAN “Chinese lunch”

This is delicious enough to think that “it may actually be the first place”
Second place because it can not be ordered if the quantity is not large.

出展:ロケ弁No.1 KIZAN

1st place: Tsutaya “Boiled lunch on Nori 2 stage curtain”

A nostalgic nori lunch box with authentic taste. it’s the best.

As mentioned above, it becomes ranking of subjectivity of author (Miyanaga)
Please acknowledge it ^ ^
For lunch (meal) / accommodation to the staff
I want to be a company where all employees can keep sticking!