• New sensational sports in hot topic experience “Bubble Football”

New sensational sports in hot topic experience “Bubble Football”


Experience the buzzing sports “Bubble Football”!

Everyone, do you know Bubble Football?

It is a sport born in North America, and even in Japan since last year it is a buzzing sport on SNS and YouTube.

Source: http://bubble-football.jp/

We went to experience immediately since we’re sensitive to a new thing

The place is near Tokyo Tower.


(The Tokyo Tower at night is always beautiful!)

It was full of people who have already installed the bubble when I changed my clothes and entered the hall!

On the screen of the entire wall, with a DJ in the center, the atmosphere looks more enjoyable than what I had imagined.

We also put on the bubble immediately!!
写真 3 (1)

We were getting so excited just by wearing it.

Participate in a bubble soccer game!




It’s intense!!

It is a serious collision.

If you watch it, you will feel pretty full of bubbles, but if you try it, you will be surprised at its intensity!

It’s fierce, but it does not hurt at all thanks to the bubble even if it falls, so both beginners and women can enjoy it casually ^ ^

In addition, one more topic we can propose at the event has been added!

Let’s get together if you want to experience Bubble Football and want to incorporate it into the event.