• Close coverage on the First Day of the Internship! The Secret of the Office is also Released! ?

Close coverage on the First Day of the Internship! The Secret of the Office is also Released! ?


Hello! This is Kurosu participating in the GP ′s internship!

I am planning to join the company in April next year, but two other students are an internship in the form of “training”.

Is it okay to write on TOPICS even though you are still an intern?

Good question! !

GP can make a web debut in this TOPICS corner from the time of the internship.
Natsuki Yamamoto, who is called “Nacchan”, has already written an article.
I recently wrote an article about Disney in the US!

Click here for Nacchan’s article!

Click here for Kurosu’s article!

Please look at our first works!

Now, the other member of the internship is Moeka Kawakami.
She is very nice and Energetic (* ^^ *)
Will she become accustomed to GP?

So, this time, we will deliver the “Close contact ☆ GP intern first-day report”.
I, Kurosu reports it as an interviewer!

This is the morning of GP!

“Open the door……”

Kawakami “Good morning!”

GP member “Good morning!”

Kurosu: (wow. Everyone is so energetic …) Good morning ”

Kawakami “Nice to meet you, I am Mika Kawakami. ”

CEO Kouhata “Everyone, she is a very nice and third newcomer! Be kind to her!

GP ALL “Nice to meet you!”

After finishing the introduction and greetings of Ms. Kawakami, the president immediately call her.

Kouhata: Well then, let ’s say hello to each individual so that everyone can remember you.

So, Ms. Kawakami went to everyone’s seat and gave a new introduction and greeting.
This is a standard greeting for the new GP staff, and of course I also experienced it.
…… I remember that I was awkward because I couldn’t  remember the names of the other colleague. haha

So, Is she looks okay?

no woory.
Without worries, She spent time with all of them and got along and came back.

Now, the beginning of orientation as a GP staff!

Kurosu: “Today I will be interviewing you for all day. ”

Kawa: I ’m bit nervous (haha).

Let ’s Go !! Orientation !!
First, organize your desk and complete as like your own cockpit.

Kurosu “From here, Ms. Kawakami’s legend begins ”

Kawakami: “I hope that I will not make a mess legend. haha”

Ms. Sumie, General Affairs is calling us.

Sumie: I ’m starting to do general affairs training now.

Kawakami and Kurosu”Thank you very much. we would like to join it.”

In the general affairs training, you will learn the essential items for working at the GP, such as house rules, equipment management, and office locks.
Kawakami-san listens to the story while taking notes with a serious expression.

Then I…

Kurosu “… Excuse me… about how to use the printer …”

Kawakami “Oh, you have already taken this training? ”

Kurosu “Yup …”

Kawakami: Oh, that’s why you decided to take the second training together without saying anything! (Laughs)

Kurosu”Haha… Let’s make sure there are no leaks in the notes !! ^^;”

Suminoe and Kawakami “LOL”

After the training, a office tour begins!

The GP office is in the middle of Harajuku.
Moreover, it has total 4 floors, 3 floors above ground and 1 floor underground!

First from the top floor. The third floor is a room on the whole floor. A refreshing space based on white. The ceiling is very high!

Kawakami: “Huge! I received a company briefing here!

Suminoe: “That’s right! In addition to briefing sessions, this is a studio that is used as a small event space for MTG and lectures!”

Kurosu: “(It was so crowded at the briefing session … I didn’t realize it how big was here)”

And to the second floor. It is different from the 3rd floor, and the calm space with a grain of wood attracts attention.

* There is client information.

Suminoe “This floor is divided into a room for the Sotomura team and a room for meetings.”

Kawakami “Ah! Hello Tonomura team!”

Kurosu”(oh she remember them perfectly …”)

(Prrrr…., thank you …)

Kurosu “(Everyone looks busy … I wonder if I can work like that too)”

Next is the first floor of the main.

Many desks are lined up and always lively!

Suminoe“This is the first floor with yours”

Kawakami and Kurosu: Wow so stylish!

The walls and pictures on the wall are fashionable, but the ceiling is also fashionable!

There were balloons, airplanes and foliage plants are hanging.

Then the last basement! Share Office and Garage!

(I thought I would post a photo! I save the best view until you visit us ^^ ♪)

Suminoe “I’m lending this as a shared office, and the equipment store is in the back. It ’s all here, so it ’s better to just figure out each place!”

Kawakami and Kurosu”OK!”

Suminoe “End of general affairs training! Thank you!”

We had a surprise when we back to the desk after the training!

Kouhata”We prepared your jacket with GP logo! Please use it!”

Kawakami”Wow, this is so pretty! Thank you!”

So the main movement on the first day of the internship finished!
I’m going to move on to an interview!

Interview about a new intern!!

Kurosu: “So now I have prepared some questions. Let’s start it!”

Kawakami: “Yes, please.”

Kurosu “First, from easy one (haha) How do you spend your off?”

Kawakami: “Am, working a part-time job or watching movies! I’m addicted to watching Indian movies without subtitles. It’s hard to understand what they say, but easy to enter the world! (* ^^ *)”

Kurosu“It’s interesting … By the way, what kind of part-time job have you done so far?”

Kawakami “lifeguard at Pool, service staff at beer gardens, and then hula dance instructors! I wanted some experience. I also worked at other places, but these are main.

Black: “… Nnn? Hula dance instructor !? That’s Hawaii or tropical!”

Kawa “That’s right! During the interview here, I showed it in front of the CEO with a suit, because he offered me !  ”

Kurosu “Oh CEO … ^^; (Speaking of which, I’ve heard about that offer to show some skill at the interview if you have it … but it’s a great potential anyway)
Do you have some memories of the interview? ”

Kawakami “It’s not the time of the interview … but I couldn’t wait for the results, so I contacted directly Yamaguchi-san who is HR ”

Kurosu“I understand your feeling! I also didn’t take 3 seconds to open the result email! (Laughs)
Next! What was your first impression of Kouhata who is CEO of GLOBAL PRODUCE?? ”

Kawakami “I thought it is an energetic company with no front and back!”

Kurosu: “True! What is your impression of the CEO?”

Kawakami “I thought he looks like Robert Downey Jr.!”

Kurosu: “Robert Downey Jr. is who famous for that Iron Man?

Kawakami “Yes! The CEO said that fan of the Iron Man! Oh, it does not lip-service that what i said! haha”

Kurosu “Suspicious (laughs) … No, but it might be similar …? I will check Robert’s face next time”

Kurosu “Anyway, his smiling face is very refreshing and charming …!

Kawakami-san Then, please give us one message at the end! ”

Kawakami: “ My passion for work is not still getting cold from the interview. I will challenge and improve new things and would like to be a fascinating person that GP will feel happy to hire me!”

Kurosu: Wow, so passionate! Thank you!

So, this was the day for the GP intern.
Please look forward to the future success of the three interns!

Then last, we took a picture all together.