• Delivery Love letter! DM Operations 2019-2020

Delivery Love letter! DM Operations 2019-2020


Suddenly, what kind of business is your company doing?
Telephone seals? Exhibition sales? Direct sales? Or …

The theme of this article is
“Direct marketing practiced by global producers”.

“What is direct marketing?”
Some of you may be familiar with words,
First, I will explain the definition of direct marketing.
Direct Marketing
A method of selling products directly to consumers without going through an intermediary such as a retail store. There are cases where a manufacturer sells directly to a consumer and retail sales activities by a mail-order dealer or a door-to-door sales company that does not have a store. In any case, since there is no place for a store, various communication means such as direct visits, direct mail, catalog, telephone, television, radio, newspaper, magazine, and the Internet are used to approach customers and prospective customers.
Source: Kotobank / Explanation of Brand Glossary Direct Marketing

After all, direct marketing is two-way communication with customers.
It is a marketing activity that develops customer-oriented promotions according to needs and preferences while measuring the reaction of the other party.
Personally, I think direct marketing is similar to a love letter.
The goal is to get along (to close). Even if you can’t get along, it’s important to become an “interest”.

There are various ways to invite a date.
Phone, email (currently LINE), letter, present strategy, harden around, ask friends, etc.
(By the way, I’ve recently put a date promise exclusively with the matching app. I feel the advent of the SNS era in the love market too.)

Even in the BtoB world, we make love calls (sales) using various methods.
With the advent of big data, a marketing technique called One to One Marketing has become popular.
When you shop on Amazon, you will be recommended products related to it.

At Global Produce, we value sales and have used various sales methods.
Telemarketing has always been an important part of the business since its establishment.

Although it is analog, I’ve been passionate about conveying my company’s appeal with my own voice and being able to take APO when enthusiasm is conveyed.
The personality and professionalism transmitted from the telephone are also the keys to trust.

The GP (Direct Mail) has attracted attention as the next sales method!

You may think “again, that analog way”, but don’t speak DM.
It is a very effective way to approach continuously.
In particular, since the creative sense is also important for the event, it can also be a means to convey it.

However, DM is basically destined for the trash from the sight of (or even before). Whatever you want to hide, I come to the company and basically throw it away if there is a DM on the desk. Lol

Whether to read DM or not is a one-second game.
Is that the moment you look at? If you have a picture or information that you care about even 1 second, you will want to read it.

Therefore, the DM that we create is designed with an emphasis on the impact of “how to get interested in that one second”.

Here are some recently created ones.



It is a shocking look that is mistaken for a momentary threatening document.
The aim is to make you think that it ’s dangerous if you throw it away.
I’m afraid to throw it away when I get this. Something ominous is about to happen. Lol

The man who became the model is our company, Motoki, a decent front-world businessman.
I’m not a scary person.

The following DM was also created with different preferences.

㊙ is a catchy copy. In addition, it is a catchy content that “plans” that you can not usually see are open to the public.

If you are a person in charge of an event or a person who often makes a plan for normal work, I think the word “plan” will jump into your eyes.

(When I look at the word “proposal book”, I get a lot of thoughts. It ’s the hardest thing I usually do, so I always react.

Also, not only events, but also a slightly different theme.
The following DM is focused on LIVE streaming.
Although we are not a live streaming shop, we often use it at events.
Explain how to use LIVE streaming from the perspective of the event shop.

As you can see, there are few opportunities to “obtain information from other perspectives about what you normally use,” so I think it will be a noticeable element.





The introduction of the DM strategy that the GP is implementing.