• Capture the features of the Digital Native generation

Capture the features of the Digital Native generation


This is Kibou Yamagishi (MAGGY)!

Generally speaking, it is nonsense to group by generation, but in marketing it is important to grasp the characteristics of the age group.
Even for event producers, it is necessary to always put an antenna in the trend of the times, as themes and content proposals suitable for the age group of participants are required.

According to a survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications at the end of the year, the household penetration rate of mobile phones is 94.6%, and that of personal computers is 78%.
It can be said that communication equipment has become familiar to almost everyone.

The generation born and raised in this age is called “Digital Native”.

We will consider the characteristics of this “Digital Native Generation”, which will grow into consumers in the future, and capture it from the perspective of an event man.

-About Digital Native-
It is a generation who has grown up in a living environment with the Internet and personal computers since it was born.
In other words, the age up to about 20 corresponds to the current age, and the digital native generation will eventually become a member of society.

I am 25 years old and I have a 22 year old brother. Three years difference.
The influence of digital innovation that has happened over the past three years is so great that I usually look at my younger brother …

For example …
The younger generation was the first mobile phone to be a smartphone.
Addresses and phone numbers have no particular meaning in his friend relationships that began with LINE.
It is also common to give videos taken during lunch break to YouTube and Vine.

I will try to raise the characteristics of such a surprise digital native generation.

  • Attachment to the “experience” from the change of greed:

For those who have access to entertainment from around the world from the beginning, buying physical items such as CDs is not an attractive use of money unless you are an enthusiastic fan.
Also, as the idea of ​​sharing has become flexible, they make full use of various sharing services such as homes, cars, bicycles, clothes and bags, and choose methods that are not surrounded by goods.
And there is a growing recognition that it is a rich life for them to spend money on “experiences” such as concerts and bouldering that they can not experience unless they go there.

«Event-like utilization method»
→ Add value to the limited number of participants.
As well as casting high profile artists,
Participants will be appointed artists who are likely to find out that they are unearthed (probable to sell soon).

  • Diversification of values:

This is a well-known fact, but with the advent of new devices, changes in consumer behavior, such as “do not watch TV,” are a major factor.
Other than that, Digital Native is searching for “Personality”.
As if it was against the era of the “Bubble era”, when everyone was trying to get the same brand, educational background, big company and so on.
The native digital generation has a sense of “repulsion to homogenization” = individuality, and it seems that they are searching for their own tastes and ideals by using the net, not only in Japan.

«Event-like utilization method»
→ How should the digital native Millennium Generation improve their participation in the event?
1)Design an interactive program
On the other hand, it is not passive but provides a place where you can interact in “two-way” and express yourself.
Incorporate programs that may also be self-enlightening.
2) Providing supporting things that they are interested in
The “Digital Native Generation” touches smartphones and tablets dozens of times throughout the day.
So install Wi-Fi at the event site and create an event environment where you can feel comfortable.
3) High degree of freedom operation
I think about an operation that allows the participants to move relatively freely without being trapped by preconceptions, leaving a rigid form and choosing.
4) Elements to want to share
I will use the unusual things to decorate, prepare things to shine on SNS, and provide the event site with elements that they want to share with others.

In addition, there are points that should be analyzed “Digital Native Generation” such as “I am not sure about the actual encounter and the encounter on the net.” There is still more,
this time, I looked at the lust and values.

Well, what generation is your current teen called?
Children born this year?

Keeping an eye on the cultural differences between ever-changing generations!

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