• #don’t stop the economy! The “LIVE CONVENTION” event will be held!

#don’t stop the economy! The “LIVE CONVENTION” event will be held!


Effective web events through live stream

Due to the coronavirus, companies have been forced to restrain themselves from large-scale events, work staggered hours, and remote work.
Many companies had events such as shareholder meetings and induction ceremonies scheduled for the end of the fiscal year, but many have decided to scale back or cancel them.

As an event production company, we have been discussing and considering what the best event that we can do now is, and what the many companies that have decided to refrain from holding their events need, and have realized the “LIVE CONVENTION” service.

Online events using “studio recording and virtual space”

Internal events, such as induction ceremonies and kick-off meetings, are very important activities to share the philosophy of the corporate brand and the value it provides with employees and stakeholders in order to instill a sense of direction for corporate activities.

“A regular video conference isn’t enough.”
“We want to deliver an emotional experience that cannot be conveyed in a video conference.”

In response to these concerns, “LIVE CONVENTION” will use “studio recording and virtual space” to create a live stream that maximizes the sense of participation rather than one-way distribution.
This is an effective web event that only our company, which has been involved in the production of many large scale events for companies, can provide.
Please feel free to contact us if you are considering implementation.

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