• EPS2018 DAY2 at Saru Elementary School -To the End-

EPS2018 DAY2 at Saru Elementary School -To the End-


I am Funayama from GP long-term intern student.
EVENT PRODUCERS SCHOOL 2018 which has been held since August 4
DAY2 ended successfully!
The office without students, where we had hot meetings every day, feels particularly quiet ….
Shake off such sadness and deliver the “Hot!” Report of DAY2!

DAY2 spans two days from September 14 (Sat)-15 (Sun)
It was a over night stay training program at “Tomareru Elementary School”.

Students leave for a 3-hour bus trip from the Harajuku office!
The employees were also excited to go out with the students.

While spending their time, the scenery of nature spreads more and more,
finally arrived to the Saru Elementary School!

Everyone looks happy with the shoeboxes, classrooms and nostalgic elementary school scenery.
Well, there is no time for being nostalgic
After the greeting by this temporary principal teacher (from our company Kouhata)
It is time for final adjustment, divided into each team for the afternoon presentation competition.

The order of the presentation competition is by the staff of each team mentor …
Annual “Rock-Paper-Scissors!”

The order is
1 Yano team
2 Yamamoto team
3 Sotomura team
4 Okuya team
5 Miyanaga team
have become.
In each classroom, each team aims for victory

Saru Elementary School had prepared such a wonderful lunch in the interval, after that it is the time for the last spurt!
(The lunch was surprisingly delicious)

In the multipurpose hall, which is the presentation venue,
A lot of preparations for play such as ping-pong and bolting facilities, frisbee!

The president and long-term intern student to enjoy between the preparation.

Well, the presentation tournament will finally begin.
Each team is set for 25 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for questioning, 5 minutes for the time for publication.
The idea of ​​”leap GP”, what kind of presentations have students prepared?
At first it is announcement of Yano team!

The students of the Yano team make a leap for the GP with the “container” as a product
the name also announced to be “UNLIMITED” project.

It was an idea that expanded the dream of a great idea.

Next, Yamamoto team’s “Project W”

It was a project that was made up of women’s hospitality corps as a product.
It was built in such a detailed way that it could be run as it is.
Next is the “e-sports AWARD” of the Sotomura team

It was a presentation in the matching lovely costumes.

This is a GP-like award ceremony focused on e-sports.
It is very wonderful to check and utilize GP’s know-how.

Next is the planning of the Okutani team!

Don’t you want customers?
It is a very drawn-in title …

It was a project that also had a dream with the GP Harajuku summer festival held for the first time this year, thinking in collaboration with the LGBT event to make it even larger and that it also has feasibility.

The last is Miyanaga team!
There is only a team that has been considered aggressive from the preparation stage, and expectations are rising.

It was a groundbreaking project to use the VR bus in Japan.
The built-in power point and the presentation in the play style kept the audience amazed.

All presentations are over and we will start voting time.
1pt with student, 3pt with employees, and 10pt with Kouhata, one million per points
voted in the loan format.

This time, the “Best Award” by the loan amount,
Two awards will be presented, one for President Rohhata, and one for the President’s Award, based on prejudice.

Well, which team will the goddess of victory smiles in this year?

The Grand Prix went to “Okutani Team”, considering how the GP summer festival collaboration planned!

They have collected overwhelmingly student votes by presentation that coveys the pleasure. A luxury dinner cruise was presented for the winner!

And, the prestigious presidential award is …!

Miyanaga team who came on with the idea “VR Bus”.

The president was inspired by the collaboration with a travel agency that made good use of the strengh of the GP, and plan related to the 2020 international Sports Tournament.

Finally, Mr.Kouhata gave new notebooks to intern students. It is a notebook that he writes down important things.

We asked everyone to fill in 10 important articles about the presentation at a lecture on DAY1. It is a note that Mr.Kouhata’s thought was put in when you were worried about something or refer to it when you get lost.

The principal, Mr.Iijima, took good care of us from morning to evening to enliven this event. I am really grateful to Mr.Iijima. Thank you!!

I will send you “EPS2018 DAY2” report. The ”EPS2018” that I have been running since May is over at DAY2.
It is hard to replace with any memories, appreciate with giving me a chance to learn so many working method and many incredible students participated us, in the last summer of Heisei.

Thank you for everything you have done to me!!