Event Branding Trends



A branded event is a unique combination of name, symbols, colors, messaging, and imagery that distinguishes one company or organization from another. Each brand has its own personality which represents its individual values, preferences, and communication with its audience. 

Event branding is the process of creating a brand identity for your event. It is the visual representation of what you want people to think about when they hear about your event. It is also a way to express your personal vision and values in order to create a memorable experience for attendees.

Lets explore some of the effective event brand approach.


Feature 1: Russian Telecom Rebranding Event

The flexibility of designing the system also applies to outdoor media. Whether it’s a digital billboard or a bus shelter in Krasnodar, the Rostelecom brand has the power to attract and inspire its customers.

Feature 2: HR Tech World conference in Paris

Based on the key visual elements of the meeting, the team of designers created a shape made of origami-like triangles. These triangular elements surround the display area and stage, enhancing the perspective layout of the open triangles through video mapping, extending the structure and creating the illusion of infinite space.


The best event brands are memorable, recognizable and evoke feelings of excitement and anticipation. These brands are not just marketing or design efforts – they are part of how we communicate our mission, vision, values, and personality as an organization. They also help us communicate who we are as individuals in the world.