Event Producer Required Skills


Yamagishi “My name is Yamagishi, an event planning company.”
Telephone salesperson “… and say?”

The caller will not respond with not realizing right away.
The profession of producing events does not seem to be recognized yet.

That’s our job, but by thinking about the required skills, we can work as an event producer
Aren’t you feeling close to me? Is not it?
This time, I will introduce the required skills for event producers (as seen by me from Rookies).

«Event Producer Required Skills»

  • “Foresight”

Hifumi Kobayashi, founder of my favorite Takarazuka Opera company, said.
“What is visible one hundred steps away is made madman. Many who are visible fifty steps away become victims.
The one who sees ten step ahead is a successful person. The one who can not see the present is a dropout person. ”
Power to look ahead ten steps! This is …. I would like to gain this power.

  • “SPEED”

SPEED is a must for event producers who are in charge of multiple projects simultaneously.
During several months of production, producers are required to have objectivity and judgment to correct the course without losing track of the GOAL.

  • “Caring”

I want to deliver good events to the participants in front of the client.
I want all the people involved in the event to work comfortably.
In this way, moving for people, not for yourself, is the first step towards a trusted event producer from around.

  • “Stoic to collect stock”

Good ideas do not come from the sky. As a professional, it is one of your duties to always collect information.

  • “The power to make into shape”

It is power that producers gather up each image which was vague, express in words, and create concrete common language such as manual and script.

  • “Physical strength”

Finally, strength!?
However, I think it is physical fitness that is asked last in any work.

Did you convey the atmosphere of your work as an event producer?
When I think about it again, I thought that any item would be applicable to any work.

In the future, I will obtain these required skills, but …
First of all, from cleaning the company ….
I would appreciate if you watched the growth of Yamagishi with warm eyes.

Thank you very much for your support!

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