• What is an event producer doing at event production?

What is an event producer doing at event production?


It’s winter, it’s cold and it’s getting cold and me, Somemiya, can’t get out of bed.
I feel that the gravity applied to the quilt is about three times in this season.
However, it is wondering that a day with a fun event will fly up
GP also wants to create an event that customers want to get up early!

Well, today’s theme is “What is the event producer doing on the day of production? “.

For this article, we have infiltrated a large event that the GP is planning and producing, so please enjoy the report photos ^ ^
(I, because I’m in charge of the administration department, I usually don’t go to production that much)

  • The GP also produces such large events!

The event that I infiltrated this time is the gratitude event of a certain maker.
We rented a large exhibition facility, a stage with a huge product sales booth and a large staircase like Takarazuka, and a party hall that used the entire exhibition hall.
The event was not open to the general public, but there was a long line at the venue before the start of the event, and it was full with passion.
Thousands of customers from all over the country who have traveled all the way to this event … Can each one meet their expectations? The staff is also good enough!


As this is a large scale event, the scale and types of equipment used vary widely.
Equipment such as laser beam-like illumination, sound and camera equipment that occupies the area behind the venue, which reached over 100 meters away, were all lined up with equipment that would make the most of a professional think.

In fact, it seems that very delicate techniques are required for events that use this kind of large-scale venue.
Because it is large, I fine-tune the screen and seats so that I can see the image wherever I sit, and I take care so that the sound flows with pleasant volume and sound quality.
Masters in the hall features and operation of the equipment are required for professionals who can freely operate.
In that respect, we are really blessed with people.
As we are partnering with a great partner who has top-class capabilities in the industry, you can say “Please leave it to us!”
Thank you so much to all our partners!

By the way, it is Yuriko Yamamoto of our company who produced this event.
On the day I was running around in the hall all day. Back view is gallant!

  • Event Producer’s “The Day of the Ideal”

…… And, it is something that is knocked down immediately after talking about the struggle of the event producer … …
In fact, the figure of the event producer on the most ideal day is “Have nothing to do”

This is true.
If everything is ready, there will be no work for the event producer on the day of the event if the progress and relationship with the organizer are perfect.
As a parent watching over a child, it is the best ideal to watch the state of an event that works well.

It is ideal, but it is not easy.
The larger the events, the more machines, the more staff, the more customers there are, the more likely something is to happen (sometimes it won’t happen!).
That’s why event producers are waiting at the venue “whatever may happen.”

  • The event producer’s job is “to bring out ability more than 100% “

However, event producers are not just in the hall for just troubleshooting.
On that day, there is a role that only event producers can do.

that is
・Extracting more than 100% of staff
・Continuing through the core without blurring the purpose of the event
・To see the details of the event in the “customer’s eyes” tougher than anyone else

The event is team play by professional staff.
Only when each staff member performs the best performance will create the best event.
In order to do so, it is essential to manage the time schedule, check how the stage looks and sounds, and make fine adjustments.
In addition, while properly understanding the commitment of each staff, it is also important to role and put together the whole thing.
Promotion, recognition, comfort … The event is always held with purpose.
It doesn’t make sense for you to get out of event’s purpose, no matter how interesting the idea or the response.
Being more serious than anyone else for the purpose is also the role of the event producer.

And one more important thing is to have the eyes of customers who are tougher than anyone else.
It’s very important to make it insisting, but if you make a mistake, you may be self-sufficient and be self-satisfied.
However, the protagonist of the event is the client and its customers no matter what people say.
That’s why it is important to have the eyes of “the customer who is the best at first” and “the customer who is looking at the most serious”, and to keep in mind that “what do you think if the customer looks”.

To meet these three points
Stand up and give instructions
We confirm with the staff on the spot, and we have a meeting
If customers are confused, they can buy out their own role
For the success of the event, understand what you are required now and act as an almighty player.
Support the staff and prepare the program to proceed comfortably, under the agile edge.
That is the appearance of the event producer in the event production.

written by
Somemiya Aiko