• Let’s go to NY! Public Relations Officer Miyanaga Experience Vol.2

Let’s go to NY! Public Relations Officer Miyanaga Experience Vol.2


I want to travel. I want to travel. I am traveling more!!

We have launched Global Produce and already in the third term.

Suddenly I wanted to study directing and design and went to NY for short-term training.
I am grateful for the free culture that allows me to do this.
I have always been interested in Hotel “ACE HOTEL NY”.

The people of fashion, artists, musicians, designers, and events get together to create a new movement at this place.

So … with out thinking, I have to go! I must go by all means!
The team that produced the ACE Hotel was called “neverstop”.
Those who dreamed of interior designers, professionals in event planning, those who wanted to become music professionals,
People who wanted to set up their own restaurant, such a wide variety of people, inevitably become a team and a community,
the story of opening the ace hotel came in.

Owner Alex Calderwood’s words “I want to make a place where there is nothing, a place where people gather” is cool.
It is one of the companies that GP wants to benchmark.

I love traveling to hotels abroad.
This hotel was also a nice space that inspired me.

Wythe Hotel 
80 Wythe Ave. at North 11th St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY11249


Wythe Hotel


A place where creators from all over Tokyo and people involved in event production are connected to create better ideas.
I really want to aim for such a team.
That … There is not much space to write experience stories.
So, if you are concerned about “Tell me more about the experience!”. Please come by at our office anytime.