• We held a special invitation event at GMO Global Studio!

We held a special invitation event at GMO Global Studio!


Journal readers, hello! This is GP Sugiyama. While February 14th is known as Valentine’s Day in the world, here at GP, we were hosting a major event. It was a special invitation event for the grand opening of “GMO Global Studio” on March 1st, 2024. As the name suggests, we invited clients and partners with whom we have a deep connection to have an exclusive preview ahead of the official opening.

We were grateful to have over 70 guests in attendance, and we were able to host the invitation event in grand style. So today, I’ll be reporting on how the event unfolded!

“Create a space with attention to detail from the moment guests arrive.”

Upon arrival at the studio, the first space guests pass through is the “LOUNGE STUDIO.” With its high design aesthetics and a blend of comfort and functionality, it’s a visually appealing space from every angle. Additionally, we offered a welcome drink in this area. Guests were treated to a special drink prepared by Takayuki Ishitani, who has been crowned Japan’s champion for three consecutive years and ranked fourth in the world in barista competitions. It was all about hospitality in this cozy and relaxing environment, where guests could enjoy delicious coffee and heighten their excitement for the main event.

The program for the special invitation event was as follows

The special invitation event featured three main components. First, there was a presentation by our company’s representative and Vice President of GMO Global Studio, Mr. Mitsuhata. He spoke about the establishment process and our company’s vision for business events.

Next, we welcomed Mr. Ishita, the representative director of the Japan Projection Mapping Association, for a talk session. We engaged in a dense exchange of opinions about the future of virtual studios.

Finally, we offered a virtual experience! We believe that the true charm of this studio can only be understood through firsthand experience. Therefore, all attendees were invited to step onto the stage for a photo opportunity, bringing the event to a close.

The long-awaited communication party was also held!

After the conclusion of the special invitation program, we held a communication party in the aforementioned “LOUNGE STUDIO”. Many virtual studios lack spaces for networking beyond the shooting area, but GMO Global Studio, being a hybrid event-compatible studio, provides a spacious networking area to cater to diverse event needs. Additionally, the catering provided for this occasion was mindful of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). We adhere to a principle of attention to detail in everything we offer, which is characteristic of GP.
During the communication party, we had the opportunity to hear valuable feedback about the studio and express our gratitude to our guests. It was a wonderful time, witnessing guests enjoying each other’s company, and I felt a warm sense of satisfaction, knowing that we made the right decision to host this event.

As the enjoyable time swiftly passed by, it was time to wrap up the event in no time. Just bidding farewell to our attendees wasn’t enough! After all, today is Valentine’s Day. And what’s a proper ending without souvenirs! So, as our guests departed, we made sure to express our gratitude to each and every one of them and handed out chocolates as a token of appreciation. Leaving the venue with a sense of happiness until the very end—that’s the GP way.

“At the end”

GMO Global Studio is a unique studio that combines both real and virtual functionalities. We were delighted to convey this directly to all participants at the special invitation event, and we hope that you have also felt some of its charm through this journal.

We believe that GMO Global Studio embodies the image of the ideal event venue that we have envisioned. We sincerely hope that all of you will make good use of it and collaborate with GP to create wonderful events. There would be nothing more delightful for us than that.

We kindly ask for your continued support for GP and GMO Global Studio in the future.

Thank you very much for reading until the end!