• GP CEO Kouhata’s book ” The Art of Top Presentation Revolutionizing Business” has been published!

GP CEO Kouhata’s book ” The Art of Top Presentation Revolutionizing Business” has been published!


Hello, this is Kouhata from GP.

I have an announcement to make to you all today!

I am pleased to announce that on June 18, 2021, my first book, “The Art of Top Presentation Revolutionizing Business – The Age of Top Presentation” will be released!


Here is the just published book. We designed a stylish cover with black-and-white photos.

This book is not about event production, but more about the importance of top presentations given by top executives of companies, organizations, and countries, and the techniques of top presentations to win the hearts and minds of audiences.

So, why did I dare to write about top presentations instead of event production?

Because the fate of a company, a market, or a society can be changed by a single top presentation. The importance of a top management presentation itself has not changed. However, it is also true that the availability of online content has made it far more influential than ever before.

Now that everyone has access to top presentations, I want presidents and representatives to understand what a top presentation is, and I want them to give a great presentation that grabs people’s hearts! This is why I created this book.

Common Misconceptions of Top Presentations

For more information on the effectiveness of top presentations and specific techniques, please see the book. But before that.

The fact is that “Top Presentations” are still often misunderstood.

Especially common misconceptions are as follows.

Overacting and performance is essential.
Good phrasing and maxims are essential.
It is unnecessary for companies to hold top presentations that don’t have opportunities to appeal to the outside world.

If you think this way, you are wasting your time!

In this article, we will clear up this misconception.

Is overacting essential for top presentation?

When you think of top presentations, many people think of Steve Jobs and the U.S. presidential election.

Certainly, their presentations are great and have actually moved the times.

However, it is not true that their presentations are the only correct ones.

The important thing is to “convey the top management’s ideas to the audience and win their hearts and minds”, and which method is best depend greatly on the age group and demographics of the top management and audience. In fact, I have witnessed presentations that moved employees with the Japanese style of standing erect and speaking without much enthusiasm.

Is good phrasing and maxims essential?

This is another common misconception. Some people seem to have this misconception because top presentations that are talked about often contain so-called “great maxims”.

Of course, simply speaking without thinking will not win the hearts and minds of the audience. But on the other hand, just putting together a bunch of fancy words won’t move people either.

What is important is to think through how to convey the message and choose words accordingly. If the top management’s feelings are conveyed properly, even if the words are simple, they will reach the hearts of the audience.

A maxim is called a maxim because it is conveyed, not because it is great.

It is unnecessary for companies to hold top presentations that don’t need to appeal externally?

Whenever I talk about the importance of top management presentations, we are often told, “But we don’t have the opportunity to appeal to the general public,” or “We are not in an industry that requires top management presentations,” but this is also a misunderstanding.

We do have top presentations for external audiences, but what is needed more than that is a top presentation for internal audiences, for the people you work with. A company cannot be run by the president alone. The top presentation for internal use has the important role of bringing together the feelings of colleagues, motivating them, and leading to the growth of the company. In a sense, it is even more important than the presentation to the outside world.

The “3 Ps” required for top presentation

Thus, top presentation skills will become increasingly essential.

So what exactly are the skills needed?

Even though I would love for you to read the book, I’ll share a bit more. I believe that the “3 Ps” are necessary for a top presentation.

Program (content)
Platform (technique)

What does this mean? What exactly do we need to do?

From here on out, I urge you to actually pick up a copy of the book!