• GP KICK-OFF Meeting 2019 -Tomorrow’s GLOBAL PRODUCE-

GP KICK-OFF Meeting 2019 -Tomorrow’s GLOBAL PRODUCE-


Hi, This is Kamiya!

It is insanely fast that the time passes during working.
Already 3 years since I joined the company … 3 years. Time flies!
By the way, recently we had the third GP KICK OFF.
As many companies do, the KICK-OFF meeting has a special meaning for GP.
This time, as the first member of KICK-OFF for the third time, I have been preparing two months ago.
I will tell you the details of our KICK-OFF meeting as a top-secret of GP!

It began with a presentation by our CEO, Kouhata.
The presentation was an “emotional fantastic presentation” to all of the GP members!
The presentation time was one hour, but it was surprisingly fast!
“Well, another hour has passed !?”

Lots of things to learn.
I want to make such a presentation as him …

The contents of the presentation are roughly divided into three.

■ Announcement of theme for this term
■ About GP in the future
■ Announcement of GP OF THE YEAR (commendation of employees who contributed to good work and achievements in the year)

First, the theme for the current term is announced.
We decide the theme every year and works on the theme.

Last year’s theme was “FOR CLIENTS” which means “Let’s take care of customers more than any other company”.

GP has never forgotten and made our best with the theme of “FOR CLIENTS” in 2018.
Then the theme for this fiscal year to go to the next step is:


Kouhata told us that
“GP takes on challenges without being bound by common sense. You can’t do anything new while maintaining balance. Each uses the platform called GP to open up the future. 2019 once again has the spirit of building a company out of nothing.”

The word “VENTURE” expresses the passion of him. And the idea of “creating something” encased there.

It was Steve Jobs ’s quote that crossed my head.
“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday .”
By Steve Jobs

My heart that tends to be chased by daily work has been filled with something good energy.
Alright, let’s do our best … create a great one!

And there was also a surprise announcement!
Glasses man of GP, “Yoshihiro Matsuzaki”
Mascot character of “En Setsu”

They promoted to the director!

I’m so happy for them!
Congratulations guys.

And Who was GP OF THE YEAR …
let’s leave it to everyone’s imagination!

The meeting has entered Part 2 as the theme.
In Part 2, we held “Kawamoto’s tomorrow TIME,” which was introduced for the first time this year.

The concept of Part 2 that received the theme “VENTURE” of this term was:
2019! Accelerate the GP! Accelerate VENTURE!
“Tomorrow’s Venture Lab.”

In fact, as a pre-stage of KICK OFF, we created a logo + poster and jacked the company.
Some of those who visited the GP in late March have seen these posters …?
By the way, our logo and poster were designed by Shinomiya who is GP staff. Thank you!

“Tomorrow’s Venture Lab” was devised by KICK OFF team leader Kawamoto.
At the time of the first meeting, “Venture Spirit means that each person stands as a character and each person shines. The group becomes the company’s muscles and the driving force. Think about tomorrow’s GP, discuss, and behave. I would like to make a team like a LABO. How do you think about this concept?”
The other members also decided “Let’s go with that!”

I myself “What is event production that I can only do?” It was a time when I thought, so I personally felt it was very interesting.
Event producers are personalized jobs. That’s why I wanted to hear the vision of each GP member again.
Since the concept has been decided, we will conclude concretely and decide to go into two parts: “Tomorrow’s own self” and “Tomorrow’s Team”.

First, “Tomorrow’s own self”!
Focusing on young employees,
①Declaration: I want to be like this! I want to grow like this!
②Progress sharing
③Outcome: I got this! (I couldn’t get it, but I could come here.)
we told them in advance and asked them to think over a month.

During the reporting,
Voices of surprises and discoveries such as “Surprisingly …” and “Oh, he/she was thinking like that!”
Even if I usually work together, there are not many opportunities for me to talk deeply.
It was a very precious time where everyone’s thoughts were strongly felt.

And the second half of the second part is “Tomorrow’s team”.
Divide members into teams, and had you think about the theme of the “2020GP flag stand challenge declaration”.
The details are confidential, but I’ll show you some pictures!

Anyway, a positive opinion came out,
It was one of the amazing KICK-OFF meetings that I’ve ever joined.

No, it starts from here!

Tomorrow’s venture lab has the second part of KICK OFF and another role.

What is that role?
“KICK OFF event does not end as a one-day, one-day event. Teams and companies work together to back up personal growth throughout the year. KICK OFF is a starting for the company. From here, each member has a declaration at tomorrow’s venture lab,
It ’s time to build tomorrow’s “Ownself” and “Team”!

I wrote it too long …
Thus, the 2019 GP began a new “journey.”
We will “realize” the venture spirit while keeping the feelings of our customers in mind.
We swear that we will make it that year, and will conclude it.

Please look forward to “Tomorrow’s GLOBAL PRODUCE”!!