GP Merch! GP-SHOCK Surprise!


Hello everyone, Maika from GP here.

The other day at GP, the Q3 KICK OFF meeting was held.

Kouhata CEO and myself, had a surprise for everybody here, and in this article I’ll be reporting on how it all went!

The Kick Off was organized by our very own Matsuzaki-san!

GP holds kick-off meetings four times a year.

The surprise was announced during Mr. Kouhata’s presentation! What does the “G” stand for?

So, during his presentation…

In the middle of his presentation…… suddenly there’s this slide…


For GLOBAL? GP?” No!

Actually, the CEO and myself had prepared a top-secret surprise for this day.

Here it is!

See the “GLOBAL PRODUCE” logo on the belt?

Mr. Kouhata and I had been working on it for a couple of months behind closed doors, and we were always cautious that the secret isn’t revealed by anyone.

The surprise was a huge success! Everyone loved it!

GP-SHOCK: the process

Now, we would like to show you the process of making this GP-SHOCK.

First, let’s start with the initial design,

Initial Design

This one was also very nice and I liked it, but the logo was a bit too conspicuous!

We decided to put the logo in a subtle place.

Final Design

Here it is! I like it how the logo doesn’t stand out too much!

GP often produces gifts for our client’s events, but we often end up wanting one of our own, making them for ourselves lol.

Why don’t you order an original G-Shock for your event?

GP-SHOCK used on site!

And we’re getting so many of our staffs slacking us with onsite pics!

@Okawa-san’s Project

It’s perfect for events! As we’re always on the role of time management and time-lap management.

We’re happy to see that everyone is loving what we kept as a secret for the past two months!