GP Harajuku Cool Festival Successful!


Hot days continue, do you care of hydration and sun protection ?
It is a En from GP that sunburned in red the other day.

Well well well! I’ll begin the main subject.
We held the summer feature-GP first summer festival the other day.

I will report the whole story.

18:00 summer festival begun.
A huge Japanese umbrella was displayed at the reception on the 1st floor, and GP members welcomed customers with yukata & happi.

It took me 30 minutes to wear a yukata for the first time in 2 years …

It is a stand area of ​​the festival specification that rises to 2F.

I called a branch Takoyaki store.
We served our customers with Tompei-yaki(Japanese pizza), grilled squid, and so on.

Looks delicious!!
Because of the huge popularity, I made a column.
While waiting, I set up a Wii next door and prepared a master of drums.
GP’s summer festival will not get bored while waiting!

And, as it is summer after all, “Cocktail Shaved Ice” using Mt. Fuji natural water was very popular.

Customers and photos at the shooting booth behind.

GP members are also transformed into cotton candy crafters!

Let’s say it’s good.
Well, tasting, tasting!

Speaking of festival stalls, it’s shooting.
Seriously aim at the prizes and shoot!

I’m got beauty-goods.

Mr. Hayashi also tried.
The expression is serious!!

And and,
A comparison of sake drink corner is full with delicious Japanese sake!

At this time, somen (Japanese traditional noodle) started flowing on the 1F terrace!

We decorate in glitter and it is fun unexpectedly at night’s flowing somen.

Still, in the parking lot, we presented a kitchen car of “Fujinomiya Yakisoba”, which won the B-class gourmet Grand Prix, and “Gyu-kushi”.

This is unbearable.

Let’s get in B1 rest area immediately!

At around 21:00, we set up a Japanese oar in the 3F event space!
It is time for Bon dance.

I’ve been waiting!

Starting with the “Dancing Hero(Japanese famous song)!”, and Bon Odori starts!

I enjoyed Bon festival dance for 7 minutes and 30 songs in succession.
It was quite heartfull!

After all summer festival, nothing is better than Bon dance!

Finally, thank you to our customers from our Kouhata.

GP first night of the summer festival.
We are pleased to have been able to offer our customers who have been indebted as a place of hospitality and communication in the last summer of Heisei.

And, from preparation to production, everyone was thanks from bottom of their heart!
After the end of the show, my body was exhausted but my mind was most satisfied.
Words of satisfaction from customers are always the driving force of GP.
GP will continue to grow by having various experience!

Also next year is …
Think what! We decided to go out with the outdoor festival!
Please look forward to it!
We are waiting for you with a welcome and raised smile.