• Finally realized! ! -GP One Heart Tour 2016-

Finally realized! ! -GP One Heart Tour 2016-


ASIA’s MICE market research!

With the title … [GP One Heart Tour 2016]  Yeah!

We have been on a trip of three countries, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand (Phuket Island) on a 130,000ton luxury cruise!
(※ “Asuka II” anchored at the large pier in Yokohama is 50,000 tons)

DSC00751 DSC00556DSC00714 DSC00662

The “Marina of the sea” boarded this time is increasingly used as an incentive trip, and there is a large hall on the ship that can also hold a convention!

Note) Of course, I did not go to recreation because it is a training trip Yo …!
Deck meeting is here! ↓
Inspired by the open space, opinions are also more active than usual.
DSC00876 DSC00877

Marina Bay Sands which was a topic in CM.
The training program on this day is a tour of the convention hall.
When you open the door in the wide aisle, there is also a large space in the same size … with the same size.
写真 2016-02-04 17 59 06 写真 2016-02-04 17 59 16

The largest Sands Ballroom in Southeast Asia can hold up to 6,600 for parties and 8,000 for theater-style symposia!
写真 2016-02-04 17 58 43
Mr. Yano, you look so cool everyday!

To the rooftop bar at the Fullerton Bay Hotel at night

The highlight of this training is “GP New Business Contest”
First of all, share the vision and goals that GP should aim from Kouhata.
Main subject from here!

“Plan a new business in future GP!”

After three hours of discussion in each team, presented to the Kouhata judges.。
DSC00884 DSC00883
The winning team’s plan is coming out next week with the first MTG to be realized.
··Huh? What kind of plan is it?

That, of course, please look forward to it !!
By the way, there are swimming pools, outdoor theaters, skating rinks, gyms, theatres, restaurants of top chefs, and so on.
Mental and physical training!
DSC00622  DSC00603
Me Kouhata, I play basketball with beach-sandal and sprain the little finger of my foot … ^ ^;
IMG_0575 DSC00591
The interior of the main dining room was wonderful too ↓

at Kuala Lumpur.
To the holy Hindu holy place Batu Caves (Batu Caves) with the “272 steps” stairs.
Kouhata said “It is the practice to climb the stairs today! Run to the top everyone!”
I aimed at the summit while fighting with a monkey …
DSC00689 DSC00684

Here is the country of smile, Thai Land (Phuket) ↓
Kitagawa, he was stepped on by an elephant. .
Increase your experience through various activities!
IMG_4480 DSC00837

Tropical fruits are the best

It looks like a rock CD jacket …


Pictures of youth like “University of California” (well, it is my favorite www)
DSC00704 DSC00707
DSC00586 20160205_1030

There was a lot of training, but it was just a few days.
As I have thoroughly improved my creative ability and experience points
We look forward with your continued patronage!