• GP satellite office @ With Harajuku Residence

GP satellite office @ With Harajuku Residence


Hello, this is Kawakami! How is everyone feeling?

I’m full of energy as always!

Now, this is a bit sudden, but…….have you heard of the new “With Harajuku Residence” right in front of Harajuku Station?


This is!

We are pleased to announce the opening of a new GLOBAL PRODUCE satellite office in WITH HARAJUKU RESIDENCE!

The concept of the GP satellite office is

‐A place to hang out for the future
‐To share culture and creativity with the world.It’s a new presentation stage in Tokyo!

What is the full story?
I went on a quick tour and I want to share that lovely space with you all!

Visit GP Satellite Office-G2, With Harajuku Residence!

Now, let’s get in there and….
But first, let’s talk about measures against the coronavirus.


The Harajuku with Harajuku Residence is equipped with the latest anti-coronavirus measures.
At the entrance of the building, there’s a thermography system that allows you to check your temperature using a thermal image.

After clearing the thermograph, it’s time to get inside the satellite office!

Stunning! Too stylish and too nice !

Let’s start with the shared workspace… Stunning!
This workspace can be used by a variety of people, not just GPs.


ウィズ原宿 共有スペースWhat a stunning view of greenery in the heart of the city, Harajuku.
You can see the whole view of Meiji Shrine.It’s great!

As you can see from the photos, this shared workspace has tables, chairs and sofas of various heights and types.

Some of them are this odd!


Like a hammock?
A hammock? Blanco? It’s a strange chair like that.
Kurosu-kun says he recommends this chair!

ウィズ原宿 共有スペース
明治神宮の森 光畑社長

Here’s Kouhata, whom I took a hidden picture of!
It’s a picture – my favorite photo.


And the fluffy couch in the common area!
We’ve got a table and chairs that make it easy to work on your computer!
There is also a garden terrace in the common area of Wiz Harajuku!
What’s more…….this shared workspace also has an outdoor area.
Outside you’ll find a stylish garden terrace.

With Harajuku Terrace

Unfortunately it was raining that day, but on a sunny day it looked so nice!
Of course, you can see the whole city of Harajuku at a glance.

ウィズ原宿 テラス

With Harajuku View
This picture has GP in it too! This is around the building on the left with a green roof all around.

ウィズ原宿 景色

I’m looking forward to seeing the scenery when it’s sunny (^^)

Now go inside the GP satellite office!

So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s get into the second GP office!

satellite office
This one is also very spacious. It feels good!

I love the view from the office!

We’re still in the process of moving the equipment in, but we’re going to start making the office more and more GP-like!
What will the final office look like?

Stay tuned for more innovations from GLOBAL PRODUCE and our new office design reveal!