• Kickoff meeting – Tips on choosing a venue and staging.

Kickoff meeting – Tips on choosing a venue and staging.


Hello everyone! I’m Miyanaga!

Organizing a kick-off meeting with more than 500 people expected to attend, requires a certain amount of know-how You will need to How should I prepare for this?

When should I start preparing?

First of all, we’ll hold down the venue.

In organizing a large scale kick-off meeting, the first thing you need to do is to select a venue and Reservations. Depending on the number of participants and location, reservations may need to be made one to two years in advance.

Planning starts 3 to 6 months in advance.

The concept, planning, and general program of the kickoff meeting will depend on the size of the event. You want to decide about six months before the date of the event. (If it’s small or simple, we may start three months in advance.)

The best part of the event is that we meet and work together as a team to create it.

ミーティング グローバルプロデュース
How do I choose a venue?

When hundreds or thousands of people gather in one place, the choice of venues is limited, to begin with. For a corporate kick-off meeting, a hotel’s Most of the time, a large banquet hall is used. However, each hotel and facility situation is different in terms of a stage set up and how much decoration is allowed. So you’ll want to be careful.

プリンスパークタワー コンベンションホール

Here’s a look at the kickoff we had at the Prince’s Park Tower.
For example, to hold a single get-together, you have the following options/confirmations.

□ Do you want to switch venues in the middle of the event or do you want to keep two different venues in check?

□ Does the foyer have sufficient capacity to accommodate the number of participants?

□Whether it will be done in a theater format or a school format.

□Will the food and beverage for the reception be served buffet style or at a round table, etc.

Depending on the type of program you want to hold, we recommend that you ask for the opinion of the event company or have the layout drawn up before you decide on the banquet hall.

図面 新高輪プリンスホテル 飛天

Drawing at the Shin Takanawa Prince Hotel Hiten.

It is a table of a large scale venue.

Reference: points to check when securing a hotel’s banquet hall

How high is the ceiling? (It depends on the size of the screen you can install)

How much is the square footage? (Because of the need to set up a stage and operating table, the capacity listed on the official hotel website, etc.) (It is less than the number of people)

How easy is it to carry in? (If the EV is small or far from the venue, it may be necessary to increase the number of people who can carry it in.

What time can we set up? (It’s easy to forget, but the most important. It has a lot to do with what kind of stage you can create.)

What is the holding status of other banquet halls? (If other groups are also holding events at other venues, the foyer may be closed depending on the overlap in registration times. What is the availability of the waiting room? (More than one may be needed depending on the number of the secretariat, board members, MCs, and guests.

What should be decided before implementation?

Other than the day’s program and venue decorations, other things that take time to prepare to include creating a VTR, giving employees This includes the preparation of souvenirs and novelties for distribution, and the production of programs, booklets, and other printed materials. If you start 3 months before the day of the event, you will not be able to make it in time for the event, so plan a year in advance. It’s a good idea to make a list at the time of the event and confirm the production time and procedures.

インバウンド 日本 オープニングVTR
オープニングVTR 扉

What kind of presentation works best?

In deciding how to stage the event, including the decorations of the venue and the flow of the program, it is important to This is the purpose and concept of the kickoff meeting. We establish the concept for the purpose and then use it as the basis for the direction of the production.

The opening and ending are especially important. For example, the part where the concept movie grabs you and makes you listen intently to the presentation. You can use the “story” of the entire event, such as the part where you relax and participate in the social gathering, to create a relaxed atmosphere. To create a more memorable experience for many participants, we need to create a Ingenuity is essential.

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