• How does one become an “Event Producer”? What kind of person is suited for the job?

How does one become an “Event Producer”? What kind of person is suited for the job?


What kind of job is an event producer?

This is a question that our employees have been asked at least once. At our company orientations, we often have students who do not have a clear understanding of the job.

An event producer is someone who produces events. But what is an event anyway? And what is producing? What exactly does the job entail? What is the work schedule? What kind of knowledge do you need?

So, in this journal, as an event production company, we will answer the most important fundamental questions: “What exactly is an event producer”, “How does one become one”, and “What kind of person is suited for this job?”

What is an Event Producer?

An event producer, as the name implies, is a person who “produces” an event. So, what do “event” and “produce” mean here?

The word “event” can mean a variety of things, such as an occurrence, an event, or a match.

We use the word “event” in the sense of a “celebration”. In other words, it is “a gathering of people for a purpose”. For example, a kick-off event at the beginning of the year when a company gathers all employees, a pop-up store to raise brand awareness, or a World Expo or the Olympics that gather participants from all over the world, we collectively call any event that brings people together to achieve some goal an “event”.

And then there is “producing”. This is a topic so deep that we could talk about it for days if we delve into it, but to summarize it roughly, it means “to achieve a goal by using various methods”.

In other words, our definition of an “event producer” is “someone who plans and executes events that bring people together in order to achieve the client’s objectives”. If you want to hold an award ceremony for your employees, we will prepare the most suitable stage and design. If you want to convey your corporate philosophy to all employees, we will prepare the most suitable program and execute the plan.

An event producer is responsible for overseeing the event from planning to the execution of the event day

As you can see, an event producer has a wide variety of things to do, from the planning of the event to directing the event day. However, what should not be misunderstood here is that not everything is done by one person. It is another person’s job to decorate the stage and operate the lighting for the preparation of the event.

The role of the event producer is to “oversee”, or in other words, “organize” or “lead”. An event is created by a variety of professionals, each of whom brings his or her own abilities to the event, but without a leader, the event would not be organized. An event producer is “the person who organizes the people involved in the event, checks the situation, sometimes makes adjustments, and leads the client to achieve their goals”.

The Role of an Event Producer

Now let’s take a look at the specific role of an event producer in a little more detail.

Event Planning

The first step is to plan the event. We listen to the client about the purpose, goals, and theme of the event, and put them into a concrete proposal. This planning is the beginning of everything and is the guideline for building up the event. Where is the venue? How many people will attend? What is the budget? When is the event date and time? Who are the guests? We will make sure to take all these factors into consideration.

Coordination and arrangement of various event contents

Based on the planned proposal, we come up with specific event content and make the necessary adjustments and arrangements for execution. Specifically, we arrange the venue, stage direction and guest appearances, and create videos shown during the event. Recently, hybrid events that combine live events and online streaming have become the mainstream, so it is also essential to arrange infrastructure and secure connection for streaming. Which venue to use, how to stage the event, who to invite as guests, what kind of souvenirs to prepare, etc., etc., are all areas where the event producer’s skills are shown and his/her abilities are tested.

Event Promotion

No matter how great an event, you can’t hold one unless it attracts participants. If it is an in-house event, we will promote it to the employees, and if it is for the general public, we will plan a PR strategy to promote it to the general public. Although the promotion strategy will vary depending on the content of the event and the target audience, we make sure that as many people as possible WANT to attend and are looking forward to the event day.

Event Management

After making preparations and gathering participants, it is time for the event to go live. In most cases, the event will be held only once. Rehearsals are carefully conducted, but the actual event is a one-shot chance that cannot be redone. Of course, it is best if nothing goes wrong, and that is why we prepare carefully, but even so, we never know what will happen on the day of the event. To be able to respond no matter what happens, detailed simulations, double-checking systems, and communication coordination are required. The production of an event is the most nerve-wracking moment for an event producer, and also the most uplifting.

In this way, the event producer is always on the go from the start of event planning to the actual event, constantly gathering information, making quick decisions, and coordinating the people involved. Although they do not appear on the stage, event producers are the ones who hold the key to success.

Event Producer’s Working Calendar

What is a work schedule like for an “event producer”? It may depend on the company you work for. At our company, which specializes in producing events, the work schedule is the same as that of a regular full-time employee. However, in many cases, events are held on weekends and holidays, and in such cases, we will replace the day off to another day of the week as a compensatory holiday. Therefore, we cannot say that we always have our days off on weekends and holidays.

In addition, other companies that are involved in businesses other than event production may have different work schedules, so the best way to be sure is to find out information about the company you want to work for.

Qualities and Skills Required to Event Producers

Event producers have a wide range of job responsibilities. Although they are professionals, they often play more of a coordinating or leadership role, so the following qualities and skills will make it easier for them to play an active role.

Communication Skills

An event cannot be held by a single person. Especially when it comes to events involving companies, it is necessary to coordinate opinions with various professionals in stage production, sound, lighting, cameras, etc., and to give precise instructions. Therefore, good communication skills are a prerequisite. In particular, the skills of “listening to opinions”, “organizing ideas”, and “making decisions when the time comes” are required.

Eagerness to learn more

Event producers need to be knowledgeable in making various decisions because the scope of their work is very diverse. It is also essential to keep up with trends in staging and technology in order to create more sophisticated events. However, the important factor is not “the knowledge you have beforehand” but “the attitude and willingness to constantly seek knowledge and fresh information, and to continue learning”. In the event industry, trends are constantly changing, and the technology available is also evolving, so it is necessary to keep up-to-date with the latest information and to constantly update your idea sources. In this sense, an event producer must be “eager to learn more”.

Certifications for Event Producers

Event producers do not have a qualification that they must obtain in order to find a job, like Doctors or Lawyers. However, there are certifications that will prove how much knowledge you have about events. It is worthwhile to challenge the following certifications to show that you are an event professional and to confirm that you have the proper knowledge.

Event Business Manager

The Event Business Manager is Japan’s only official certification for events, and is administered by the Japan Association for the Promotion of Creative Events (JACE). There are two levels of the exam, Level 2 and Level 1, and only those with a certain amount of event work experience (including part-time work) are eligible to take the exam. Since the exam requires work experience, it is difficult to obtain the certification while still a student, but if you want to be active as a professional event producer, this is a certification you should definitely have.

Event Certificate Examination

The Event Certification Examination, like the Event Business Manager Examination, is sponsored by the Japan Association for the Promotion of Creative Events (JACE). There are three types of certification tests depending on the nature of the event, “Event Certification Test”, “Sports Event Certification Test”, and “Universal Event Certification Test”, and there are no classifications within each test. Unlike the Event Business Manager Examination, this certification does not require any work experience, and anyone can take the test.

Career Development for Event Producers

Career advancement as an event producer means being able to take charge of larger-scale events. As an event producer, it is not a dream to plan and manage events that attract thousands or tens of thousands of people. If you find a specific event that you want to work on, such as a PR event or a sports event, you may be able to move on to an event production company that specializes in that type of event. If you have sufficient ability and a good track record, you can also become an independent producer. However, it is difficult to become a freelance producer from the start, as it is an industry where ability and performance are the most important factors. If you want to work as an event producer, the most reliable route is to work for a company and gain practical experience.

Event Producer Aptitude Testing

We’ve talked through many subjects, but some of you may be wondering, “Do I have what it takes to be an event producer?” So, we have listed 15 aptitudes for event producers, although this is our company’s standard, we think it is safe to say that if you have checked at least 10 of them, you have the aptitude for an event producer. Try checking yourself out!

□ Likes to make people happy

□ Thinks and acts before thinking

□ Thinks that he can do it even if there is a majority against it

□ Like writing

□ Notice things and pay more attention to details than others around me

□ Am the type of person who keeps on doing what I started.

□ Can respect people regardless of differences

□ Have the guts to jump into difficult situations and new challenging environments.

□ Absolutely punctual.

□ Like numbers.

□ Emphasizes feelings and intuition that arise in the heart rather than theory

□ Good at asking questions

□ Likes to study

□ Respects manners and etiquette

□ Thinking about the future is more important than looking back on the past.

Summary: Event Producers with diverse skills

An Event Producer is a job that is difficult to explain in a few words due to the wide variety of roles, but it is a fascinating profession that allows you to interact with a wide variety of people and do great work. Because of the behind-the-scenes nature of the job, it is suitable for those who aim to be a behind-the-scenes player rather than a show-off themselves, and for those who want to see celebrities and people shine from close quarters and produce their self designed events.

We are always looking for new employees, so if you are a future event producer, please contact us!