• How to tell in 10 seconds -Reading impression vol.2-

How to tell in 10 seconds -Reading impression vol.2-


Nice to meet you, I’m Okawa, the first in the BLOG.
Three months have passed at GLOBAL PRODUCE.
I am accustomed to the company and have a lot to learn every day.

Meanwhile, Mitsuhata recommended two books.
This time, we will introduce from the first book.

I also learned from the book,
And I will introduce to you all the words that I was particularly interested in!

“How to tell in 10 seconds”
“To tell is to guide the other party to the destination.”

→ Current location Check if the listener can hear the story
→ Show destination theme
→ Signpost Tell the point of the story.

In other words, “telling” is based on the premise of easy-to-understand communication, considering whether the information is necessary for the listener, and communicating efficiently without taking the other party’s time.

When I look back on my way of speaking,
There was too much information and preface to speak, so the story was long.
The person you are listening to may have been distracted by “remembering” the word rather than “understanding”.

It was an opportunity to identify the information to reach the destination and to talk about the information that the other party needed.

“Because the number of conversations on the Internet is increasing, an analog conversation is important.

This is something I have recently felt.

The world is now widespread, each person has a smartphone and can talk through LINE.
Because it is such an era, sentences written by hand. Give it by hand.
I think that a person can convey feelings beyond words to the other person.

For example, say thank you in LINE and thank you in a letter,
The latter is more informed.

When it comes to communicating, I think that analog things are easier to convey with feelings than the latest ones.

“If you have a passion to convey from the bottom of your heart, it will be transmitted.”

Words with feelings and words that are not. Which is more attractive?

Naturally the former.

How can we carry “passion”? I think this should be a major premise.
When I was still an intern, I gave a presentation at the event Expo and what I felt with my skin was more of a “passion” than an uncle.
If you have a passion, you feel it and stop.
I’m still not good at presenting or telling.
However, you should be able to have this passion for yourself.
Even if it is a little clumsy, the first step towards growth is to be hard at first to communicate.

As a member of society,
The importance of telling the other party is high.
For meeting this book and telling in yourself,
It was such a book that I could try to face a little more.

Assistant Producer Yohei Okawa